While XM FOREX  offers a wide choice of available accounts, it is no different when it comes to trading platforms.

These are two, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, both produced by MetaQuotes Softwares Corporation, the world’s leading trading software agency.

These are two of the most used platforms for investing, particularly appreciated for their extensive customization of charts, indicators, and investment possibilities. maximizes the flexibility made possible by the two MetaTrader by providing 16 different versions of the same.

A wide choice that aims to satisfy any investor need:

Those who trade from a PC can use both the MT4 and the MT5 in the WebTrader version or the Desktop version. These are available for both Windows and MacBook.

Those who trade from smartphones or tablets, on the other hand, can count on optimized versions of the two platforms for both Android and iOS systems.

All to guarantee users maximum operational flexibility

Access to the account from MetaTrader is made simple and secure by issuing a user code once you have registered. The password and a complex system of firewalls that make one of the safest brokers in the world are added to the personal user code communicated via e-mail.

It is necessary to highlight how the MetaTrader4 is more suitable for Forex trading while, on the other hand, the MetaTrader5 is more suitable if you intend to trade on stocks or other CFDs.


User training is one of the fundamental points of online trading offers: a platform that does not devote due effort to this aspect is to be considered unreliable and unprofessional.

Regardless of the preparation of users who register on the platform and open an account, the broker must provide free training materials.

As for, this is done in the best way. Users are made available:

Forex market research, both online and offline, allow you to understand how to move within the market and how to go and study a stock;

Daily Forex webinars are a very important meeting point between the numerous users of the platform (over 1 million worldwide) and the experts who collaborate with In this way you can keep yourself constantly updated on news and the best tools to deal with them;

Video tutorials, free and accessible at any time, an excellent introduction to the financial markets, and an ideal solution for all beginners who have numerous and significant gaps in this regard;

Ultimately it is a 360 ° training offer, which allows the user who decides to open an account with to undertake a complete path on the platform, from the basics to the peaks of professional trading.

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