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Much obliged to you for showing interest recorded as a hard copy a visitor post for Techlars. We are happy you are here.

Composing for us is an incredible method for showing your skill and lay down a good foundation for yourself as a specialist in the field. Also, you get openness by means of our web-based entertainment channels and our altruism.

Kindly set aside some margin to audit this whole page as it plainly makes sense of the rules, the accommodation interaction and the sort of happy we acknowledge.

What We Look for

Effective visitor post commitments ought to be thorough, information driven, intriguing, and instructive. To expand your possibilities getting distributed on our blog, guarantee that your commitment,

Is an important, well-informed post (ideally 1000+ words) with significant hints.
Is 100 percent unique and unpublished. We won’t republish whatever’s been distributed somewhere else.

Just incorporates claims that are upheld by connections to trustworthy exploration or contextual analyses. Abstain from referring to our rivals, and utilizing any superfluous limited time connects to sites.
Incorporates models and pertinent pictures to delineate your point. Try not to utilize stock photographs that increase the value of the duplicate. Use Techlars to picture information, data, cycles, thoughts, and structures.

Incorporates subheadings, list items, and more limited passages which make the article more meaningful.

Contact Us:

If you want to join our team at Techlars as a guest writer, you can contact us at [email protected].

Points We Cover

The majority of our crowd comprise of people and groups, from various authoritative offices, who are searching for tips, best practices, and guides on the most proficient method to work and team up outwardly. As we expect to assemble a legitimate library of data and bits of knowledge which they can allude to improve and smooth out their work processes, we just acknowledge clear, convincing substance falling into the accompanying classes,

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* If it’s not too much trouble, allude to the current presents on our blog on comprehend and distinguish more points, content formats, language, and tone that we like, further.

The Benefits

Openness to a monstrous crowd

The blog gets 100,000+ guests each month and is expanding consistently. All top notch articles are remembered for our month to month bulletin too, thus getting your piece front of a more extensive crowd who will peruse and reshare your substance.

Web-based Entertainment Exposure

We keep a functioning presence in interpersonal organizations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Every one of your articles will be shared through these organizations for extra openness.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that we won’t pay for your articles. On the off chance that you’re an expert author and figure you can make extraordinary articles for us, reach us with some past composing tests.

Accommodation Guidelines

Entries should meet the Creately satisfied group’s quality norms to get distributed. Editors maintain all authority to dismiss commitments at their tact and make minor alters to your article.

Your article should be 1000+ words and proposition something significant to our perusers.

One to your site (nofollow interface) and the other to any virtual entertainment direct in the creator bio.  Yet, if it’s not too much trouble, avoid over the top connecting.

Active connections should be applicable to our blog. For instance, connecting to dating locales, SEO offices, Credit related destinations, and so forth aren’t permitted.

When distributed on our blog you can’t distribute it elsewhere, including your own blog.

Pictures and recordings are supported, as they make the article look further tempting to the peruser.
Pictures width ought to be 580 pixels or less. If it’s not too much trouble, send them as a different connection.

Try not to abuse copyright while utilizing pictures. Give credit when required.

Assuming you’re including specialized graphs like flowcharts, Gantt outlines utilize the ones found in our chart local area.

To present your article thought, kindly fill the structure beneath.

Consider These when You Write for Us

We chose to open up for visitor presenting on allow our perusers and business people an opportunity to assemble their image. So we like to work with genuine individuals and not with SEO offices. If it’s not too much trouble, get to realize us a piece better prior to sending us your article. Follow us on our virtual entertainment channels and offer our different articles. This will extraordinarily expand your possibilities getting distributed.





We get 50-100 entries each month. In this manner abstain from sending messages finding out if your article is getting distributed or not. Assuming we have chosen your article, you’ll hear from us.

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