Why Do Kids Have Nightmares, And How To Recover From Them.

Understanding children and their nightmares

If you or any member of your family has a history of nightmares, the knowledge can be very beneficial in making them stop. People who have nightmares are often the same people who have problems with depression. However, if you encourage your children to talk about their dreams and concerns, they will feel better. Also, letting them know that their fears and anxieties are not true can help them take control of their negative emotions.

Understanding children and their nightmares

  • Children sometimes worry that they may become “crazy” because they have recurring nightmares. However, most children know there is nothing wrong with them. Often they worry because it’s a fear they know not quite how to handle. They also know that they don’t “believe” themselves “having” these nightmares. For this reason, they may try to avoid getting nightmares. However, if you understand what to do when your children have nightmares, they might never be afraid of having them again!
  • What to do when your children have nightmares involving dark, strange objects isn’t always so cut-and-dry. Often, a child’s nightmares could be associated with their bedroom. Perhaps your child has a room dedicated to their favorite cartoon characters. This could explain why the room is so scary and so terrifying at night. Children are often so fascinated by these things that their imagination takes over, and they begin to create a scary world for themselves in their minds.
  • Another thing to do when your children have nightmares involving scary objects is to play your favorite song in the background. Even though you might not wish to sing the song yourself, you can play it for them. Then, as they lay in bed trying to get to sleep, they will be enthralled with your music. This can help them get to sleep much easier and may help them feel less scared about sleeping in their beds at night.
  • If your children have recurring nightmares about monsters, you might want to try limiting the amounts of light that seep into their bedrooms. A child’s sleep is very delicate, and they don’t need any more disturbances than necessary. When a child’s room is lit with too much light, they tend to wake up feeling as if something has just happened to them. Limiting the amount of light can help your child fall asleep much more easily.
  • When your children have recurring nightmares involving their heads being smashed open, you should consider removing items from their room that could induce nightmares. Many young children have vivid memories of waking up in bed covered in blood. If a television or game console is causing this type of nightmare, it could be time to remove it. Maybe you have moved their room closer to your own so that they can see the television in another room. If that is not an option, maybe you should purchase a pillow to sleep on that covers their head. Having something covering their head will lessen the chances of having a nightmare that involves them rolling their eyes back due to their pillow being pulled.

Apart from all these, one thing that helps anyone, including yoMelatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body to promote a healthy sleep cycle. Sometimes people might induce more melatonin to sleep better .since there is no definitive dosage of safe melatonin level, there might be side effects of melatonin overdosage.

Therefore even if it comes to consume melatonin, the lowest dosage without any side-effect is safe. By experts, around 0.1 mg to 5 mg is considered a safe dose for melatonin.ur kids, sleep better is melatonin.

             Possible solutions

After discussing and understanding the nightmare scenarios, we need to develop possible solutions to children and their nightmares and end them.

  1. First, parents need to make sure that their children know that their nightmares are not real. This can be difficult because children can be easily hoodwinked into believing that a nightmare is real when it is not. However, it is best to get this part down before the children are too young. This will help them develop a strong mindset not to believe everything they hear or see.
  2. Another thing that parents can do is to prepare their children for their worst nightmares. For instance, if a child is scared of a wolf, you can prepare them for a nightly vigil by teaching them to differentiate a real wolf from a wolf going out in the night to play. Or how about telling your children about the story of The Wolf Among Us where a boy comes back from a long trip to find his family. They may recognize this as a nightmare, but they can learn to trust the wolf that came to take them home.
  3. Minimize stimulation Before bed:- No Violent movies or scary stories that would instill fear in them. Instead tell them happy stories or fairy tales. Before they sleep so that they can imagine them while going to sleep
  4. Create a Bedtime Ritual:-A healthy bedtime ritual would make them fall asleep at a particular time without any effort. This healthy practice leaves them less time for imagination which might turn into a nightmare while they sleep.
  5. Together with your child, come up with reassuring images:-As mentioned earlier that bedtime stories must be peaceful. But they must also have a recurring character. Who acts as the savior most of the time and is very much relatable with your kid. This savior story is repeated in that this instills confidence in the kids. That this savior might come to the rescue while they are having nightmares.
  6. In the middle of the night, empathize, comfort, and reassure: When your wake up from a bad dream, reassure them, empathize, and reflect. Assure them when they wake up that it’s not real and it was just a dream. And we all might sometimes have the same. And instill confidence that it always happens and They are not the first ones to have the same.
  7. Even though what to do when your children have nightmares involving blood can be difficult. You should try to keep the situation from occurring. If you have already had a nightmare, try to remember everything you can about the nightmare. This may include finding a way to wake up your child the next morning. So they don’t remember the nightmare while they are fast asleep. If you can find ways to prevent nightmares from happening altogether. You may be able to stop your children from having them at all.

Apart from all these, you must also regulate the temperature of your room properly to sleep peacefully. So what is the best temperature for sleep? According to experts, the ideal temperature for sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 degrees Celsius.


What to do when your children have nightmares involving a monster may seem impossible at first. However, if you follow the steps mentioned earlier. You will eventually be able to stop your kids from having these dreams in the future.



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