Why Do Dorms Not Allow Pets?

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Pets make wonderful companions and bring much joy to our lives. Whether you own a cat, dog, bird, fish or lizard, you always find comfort and entertainment in spending time with your animal friend. Moreover, if you have been diagnosed with mental health issues like chronic anxiety or have disabilities like visual impairment, your pet is crucial in navigating daily life. Maybe you were hoping to take your pet along with you as you move into your new dorm room, but the administration told you that it wouldn’t be an option. Here are the reasons why student residential houses don’t allow pets:

1. Pets Can Damage School Property

Animals like dogs and cats make a lot of messes. They poop, pee, shed and scratch, which may not be an issue when you’re in your own space. However, when you’re on school property, using school facilities, such messes will be difficult and expensive to clean up. Moreover, pets can knock over and destroy fragile things that will be expensive to replace. For dorms to accommodate pets, they would have to raise their prices which would not be fair to the students who don’t own pets. That’s why it’s easier for dorm administrations to ban them altogether. If you have a support animal that has undergone adequate training, you can consult with your dorm administration to check if they can grant you an exception.

2. Dorm Rooms Are Not Conducive For Pets

Student housing facilities are often crowded and noisy. Many students share one block, and students come and go at different hours of the day and night. Such an environment is not conducive to keeping pets, especially those who prefer familiarity and stability. Also, most dorm rooms are hardly bigger than 4 square meters, making them too cramped to accommodate you, your roommate and your pet. Keeping a pet in such unfavorable conditions may lead them to become hostile or sickly. However, if you’re still keen on staying with your pet, some student apartments have pet-friendly rooms and dog parks to accommodate your pet. For example, if you attend the University of Charlotte in North Carolina. You can find UNCC off-campus housing perfect for you and your pet.

3. Pets Can Be A Hazard To Other Students

A recent study revealed that 20% of adults are allergic to cats and dogs in the US. This means that many of your fellow students will have pet allergies, making it a health hazard to keep pets in dorms. Other than that, many students simply aren’t as accommodating to pets as you are. For example, your pet lizard or tarantula may be adorable for you, but another student may have phobias related to lizards and tarantulas. Moreover, some religions do not allow contact with dogs. Also, a poorly trained pet can attack another student and cause them harm, which will be a complex case to resolve. Because of this clash of interests, it’s better to forbid any pets to be fair to the students who don’t own pets, which is the case for most people.

4. Isolation And Loneliness

College life is hectic, and you’ll spend a lot of time outside your dorm room – in class, lab, library or out with friends. Moreover, if you’ll be juggling school with work, you’ll barely have time to entertain your pet and keep them company. With such a crazy, unpredictable schedule, keeping your pet locked up in the room for all those hours would be cruel. Dogs need to go out for regular walks; otherwise, they will fall sick or become hostile. Few people will be willing to watch your pet as you’re out and about. You’ll have a sick, unhappy pet at the end of the semester. The best thing would be to leave your pet at home with your family and visit them there when you can.

Pets are wonderful companions who take away some stress from our daily life. However, they aren’t allowed in public residential places like dorms. Pets can damage school property and become hazardous to other students. Also, a cramped, noisy dorm room won’t be the ideal environment for your pet. If you want the best for your pet, make an alternative arrangement for them before you start living in a dorm.

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