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Have you invested a lot in advertisement and other marketing strategies but you’re not getting the results you hope for? Well, that’s to be expected, because the digital marketing world is filled with fierce competition. 

Every business enterprise is aiming for the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). Because, as we all know 94% of all the available organic traffic lies on the first page. Hence, for you and your business to thrive in the digital marketing and e-commerce industry, you’ll need to stay updated with the latest and most popular SEO techniques on the market. These are techniques that can greatly improve your site’s visibility in relevant search results and get you on that first page. 

Did you know Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year? It’s no surprise why most business enterprises partner with some SEO agencies which offer them professional SEO service. Search engine optimization experts help them stay top on search result rankings. To achieve this, professionals and experts, employ the best SEO techniques that yield positive results. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at these popular techniques used by SEO experts to achieve high rankings in search results.

7 most popular SEO techniques

 Below are the 10 effective SEO techniques that can drive organic traffic to your website.

1. Content Optimization

Optimizing the contents on your website maximizes the chances of it being ranked high on search results. To properly optimize your content, you need to use appropriate word count and keyword density. Knowing the right number of words to satisfy a search query is important. Some queries are answered instantly on the featured snippet, while some might require 500-700 words or 1000-1500 words. Google knows the average number of words needed to satisfy a particular query, so if the average words in a particular SERPs are 1000, then standing out with a 4000 words article might not be good for your website. Another way to optimize your content is through Meta titles. It helps you to optimize your CTR, and cover related questions to a search query.

2. Enhance user experience 

This is a very vital SEO technique that aims at giving the visitors to your website a very good experience in terms of ease of navigation, speed, and well-structured content. When users visit a website for the first time, and it looks untrustworthy, outdated, or it’s very slow, they are most likely to bounce back to the SERPs to find another result and never return. With that, you’ve lost a potential conversion, and your bounce rate will increase. Having a high bounce rate will affect your search result rankings.

3. Voice Optimization

With the number of individuals using smart speakers and voice search to input their query increasing at a very fast rate, voice optimization has now become an essential SEO technique for businesses. Many business owners optimize their websites for voice searches, and the results have been very positive so far.

4. Optimize Website for Mobile 

More than 70% of searches made on search engines are done through mobile devices. In March 2020, Google announced that it will now be using its mobile smartphone user-agent to crawl and index sites. Hence, you should optimize your site for a better mobile experience. 

5. YouTube SEO

Videos from YouTube are predominantly featured in the SERPs. YouTube is the video site and second-largest search engine with over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s why most top SEO experts incorporate video marketing into their search engine optimization.

6. Backlink building

Backlinks are a vital and integral part of search engine optimization. However, keep in mind that it’s the quality backlinks that actually matter. Spamming links and paid links can hurt your site.

7. Local SEO

This is a very popular SEO technique that has proven to be very effective. About 46% of all searches on Google are from people looking for local content. Local SEO has been proven to greatly increase lead conversion and sales rate. Hence, this SEO technique must not be neglected.


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