Which RAM is Compatible with My Motherboard?

I needed to update my motherboard due to some problems. But you need to know what RAM is compatible with my motherboard.

A simple RAM upgrade would have solved the problem, but as it turned out, I would have been unable to install new RAM modules.

All of my current RAM modules are compatible with the motherboard; therefore, I will install new ones.

RAM is a component of the computer memory used to store data that can be accessed at any time.

RAMs are primarily used in computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices such as printers and storage devices.

Several factors are responsible for determining what RAM is compatible with my motherboard. And in this guide, I’m going to walk you through it.

How to Know Which Ram is Compatible with My Motherboard?

When choosing RAM for your motherboard, many factors need to be considered. Some of these things are easy to decide on on your own.

But the other factors will require some extra effort to learn about the specifications of your motherboard.

Here are the four most essential characteristics of RAM which you need to know while considering the motherboard’s compatibility.

Form Factor

Most desktop motherboards accept dual in-line module DIMM RAM, while the laptops require small outline dual in-line memory module SO-DIMM RAM.

The DIMM RAMs are longer in size and take more space than SO-DIMMs.

DDR Generation

Different types of RAMs on the market are not interchangeable, including DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. If you are building a new computer with the latest motherboard, you will need DDR4 RAM.

If you are using an older motherboard and need to upgrade, you will need DDR3 or previous types of RAM.


The clock speed of the RAM is measured in MHz, and a RAM with a faster clock speed will boost the functions on your computer. RAMs are usually shorter than a motherboard is designed to use. Get the best motherboard for intel i9 10th gen 10900k here.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is one of the most important factors while choosing RAM for your motherboard. More storage capacity of RAM allows you to multitask while working on your computer.

Moreover, if you are a gamer, you have more capacity because you need more speed for your frames.

Internal Clearance

It would be great to be careful while purchasing because of the RAM’s height. First, you need to do a ram compatibility check. The RAM module with the larger heat sinks can get in the way of internal components.

Consider the height of your RAM modules and the size and position of your CPU coolers before buying one. You need to be sure whether they fit together or not.

These factors are crucial whether you build a new computer or upgrade your older computer. There are easier ways of learning how to know what ram is compatible with my motherboard.

But these ways will work only if your computer is in working condition.

Find Which RAM is Compatible with My Motherboard

If your system is in working condition and you want to upgrade your RAM, it is easier than you can imagine. You only need to run a system checking tool to determine what RAM is compatible with the motherboard.

Here’s how to find what ram is compatible with my motherboard with the Crucial system scanner:

1-  Go to the Crucial System Scanner, check in the box.   Choose ‘Start Your Free Scan’ after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

2-  When a new window appears, click on Open or Run.

3-   You need to scroll down to see the results and the motherboard RAM compatibility list. It will show you if you can add more RAM or replace the existing one based on what you need.

4-  It would be best to continue scrolling until you reach the memory section. Every RAM module in that section will be compatible with your motherboard.

You now know everything you need to upgrade your RAM, and you know which RAM is compatible with your motherboard.

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