Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name from a Medieval English Ballad?

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Chevy Chase


A. Chevy Chase
B. Alan Alda
C. Freddie Mercury
D. Bruno Mars

Question: Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name from a Medieval English Ballad?

Answer: Option A (Chevy Chase) is the Answer.

Who is Chevy Chase?

Chevy Chase is a popular American jokester, film and TV entertainer, and author. He turned into a commonly recognized name after making his TV debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL). Be that as it may, his huge introduction didn’t transform him into a big name, however he turned out to be very famous in the wake of showing up in SNL. Among a few jobs that he played on TV and movies, his depiction of ‘Irwin M. Fletcher’ in the ‘Fletch’ film series and his part in the ‘Public Lampoon’ film series are viewed as his best work. Nonetheless, his disappointments and uncaring choices while choosing jobs have dominated his comic brightness. Pursue has an extraordinary energy for music, a reality not known to many. He played the drums for a couple of years with various school and church groups.

In the same way as other striving entertainers, Chevy Chase had at first taken up numerous random temp jobs to help himself prior to understanding his enthusiasm for parody and movies. Even subsequent to confronting many vocation mishaps, he made powerful rebounds. He keeps on working energetically, playing an assortment of jobs in the two movies and TV series. His faultless comic planning and celebrated lifetime makes him an important comic. Throughout the long term, he has figured out how to move more youthful gifts like Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. He has gotten three ‘Early evening Emmy Awards’ for his work in TV.