What Leads To Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder is medically defined as a pattern of drinking that interferes with day-to-day responsibilities. Alcohol use disorder is also termed alcohol dependency, defined as the inability to stop consuming alcohol due to heavy emotional and physical dependency on it. The World Health Organization estimates that 14.5 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder. Alcohol is severely injurious to health and leads to various life-threatening diseases like liver cirrhosis, heart disease, stroke, and various cancers. Alcohol use disorder also termed as alcohol abuse, amounts to 3 million deaths worldwide. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction consider getting alcohol detox in Phoenix.

There are around 200 diseases that have alcohol as one of the leading causes. In addition, Alcohol addiction leads to various adverse social and financial conditions. Couples who lack closeness with their partner and face erection-related problems can take medicine like Cenforce 200, which helps stimulate an erection.

A person can be diagnosed with alcohol use disorder if he takes anywhere between 4 to 5 drinks in a few hours on a recurrent basis. People suffering from alcohol use disorder are advised to seek immediate medical help. Consuming too much alcohol could also result in alcohol poisoning. In addition, chronic heavy use of alcohol could lead to severe damage to the liver and other organs that may sometimes result in erectile difficulty. One can overcome such a problem by taking pills like Cenforce 200 or viagra.

What Are The Symptoms Of Alcohol Use Disorder?

A person may experience mild, moderate to severe symptoms of alcohol use disorder depending upon individual differences. Alcohol use disorder is determined by the various behavioral and physical outcomes of an individual. Following are some of the symptoms that an individual suffering from alcohol use disorder faces.

  • Feeling strong urges to drink daily
  • Avoiding social situations and gatherings
  • Taking unnecessary risks while being drunk
  • Not fulfilling daily duties of school,work, or home.
  • Having blackouts and trouble remembering things.
  • Not able to have a hold on the number of drinks in a day
  • Being violent and abusive towards family, friends, and colleagues

A person also experiences withdrawal symptoms when they are not drunk. These include nausea, sweating, anxiety, depression, problem sleeping, rapid heartbeats, and can even lead to seizures and hallucinations. The line of treatment includes medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, support group, and rehabilitation centers. A person may suffer from severe health consequences from excess alcohol consumption that might affect his physical relationship with a spouse. The need for medicine like Cenforce 200 can arise if it becomes difficult for a man to get an erection.

What Causes Alcohol Use Disorder?

Researchers and medical experts don’t yet know what exactly causes alcohol use disorder. Still, they have identified many factors, including genetic, psychological, and social factors that may lead to it. Most of the people who consume excess alcohol are trying to relieve emotional pain which is also termed alcohol dependency. In addition, chronic alcohol drinking habits could lead to unhealthy lifestyles that might make a person incapable of getting any erections. Medicine like  Cenforce 200 can help in such a situation to get an erection. Following are the leading causes of alcohol use disorder.

  • Genetic factor: Medical experts have found evidence suggesting genetic linkage of alcohol use disorder in families. Having any one parent or relative who is an alcoholic significantly increases the risk of the disorder inherited by future generations.

Diseases that cause erectile difficulties can be genetically linked as well. Cenforce 200 can work as an antidote to relieve the symptoms of such diseases.

  • Psychological factors: People who have suffered from mental trauma, physical abuse in their lives are more prone to become alcoholics. Mental conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are psychological factors that could lead to alcohol use disorder. Such factors could also affect the brain in stimulating an erection. It has become common nowadays to take medicine like Cenforce 200 and viagra for getting an erection.
  • Media Influence: People do get inspired by what they see on social media and television. Characters who are alcoholics and addicts are commonly seen in movies and shows which can have a side effect on underage kids.`Mental health experts do advise parents to keep an eye on what their children are watching.
  • Social Factor: People drink at parties, weddings and after office hours. It is common to develop a drinking habit if one goes to many social outings and keeps a company of people who regularly indulge in drinking. A person may drink under the influence of friends and bosses, leading to a certain risk of developing alcohol use disorder.

Another factor that might lead to alcohol use disorder is the emotional stability of the person. A person with depression and anxiety is at greater risk of developing the disorder if it isn’t treated in the early stages. People who are not mentally well may experience difficulties maintaining emotional and physical bonding with their spouses that can sometimes lead to experiencing erection difficulty. Cenforce 200 can work like a cure for these individuals.

How To Prevent Alcohol Use Disorder?

There is no permanent cure that is available for alcohol use disorder. To prevent alcohol use disorder, an individual should seek out help, family and friends should support at every stage of recovery.

Medical experts recommend medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use, detoxification programs, and counseling. It is recommended to consult a mental health expert first if someone is suffering from alcohol use disorder. Various rehabilitation centers across the country specialize in dealing with such disorders. Taking a healthy diet and exercising daily can significantly improve both the mental and physical health of a person suffering from alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol use disorder depresses the central nervous system, leading to various adverse side effects that can even result in organ dysfunction. One can think of taking Cenforce 200 if erection-related difficulty is being faced due to lower blood flow in the penile region. However, do consult a doctor before taking any medicine like Cenforce 200 or viagra.



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