SharePoint is a productivity tool for companies across the entire Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) solution portfolio. It enables people to communicate and collaborate like never before. With just a few clicks, your team can create, edit, and personalize content.

SharePoint improves the efficiency of your staff by allowing them to create their department web pages, increasing productivity through the use of workflows that accelerate the automation of internal processes.

SharePoint serves as a corporate portal used for communication and news, or as a data repository add-on. It boosts productivity and carries out your business processes with a much higher cost-benefit value, thanks to its computing power and its flexibility to bring forms, lists, data libraries, among other functions, to the digital world.

What are the functions or features of SharePoint?

  1. Compliance by providing you with a service that meets regulatory standards.
  2. Access services, as you have the opportunity to share solutions on the web in conjunction with Microsoft 365 service applications.
  3. Various web parts as it provides prepackaged content that you can display as web parts on your pages.
  4. Library, these are just places where users can create, save, update, and still collaborate on files with other team members.
  5. Encrypted connections, through absolute protection in many layers.
  6. Information Rights Management, allows you to limit the actions of the document that users perform.
  7. Support for mobile devices.
  8. Business intelligence, with which you can analyze and visualize data through dashboards to help improve decision-making processes.

What are the contributions of SharePoint in the internal collaboration of a company?

Contribute to IT transformations

It is not a secret that companies and organizations try to balance their finances, including optimizations or savings plans, however, taking care of the budget does not mean stopping investing in the essential resources of the companies.

Thanks to the SharePoint tool, you will be able to lead essential transformations that will allow you to reduce the cost of IT assets (maintenance time, security, updates and performance of hardware and software to collaborate).

Boost the value of other collaboration tools, for example, Team

Promote Innovation

SharePoint is a platform that adapts flexibly with other tools or solutions in the cloud and Microsoft 365 applications, for example with Teams, or with Stream.

Promote Innovation

The exchange of information through various platforms empowers the new ideas of each worker and reinforces team feedback. SharePoint promotes problem-solving through joint participation, gives the option of creating small sites where you can add resources, links and essential information to support the arguments.

With SharePoint there will be no waste of time reviewing history, sending resources again or sharing the same information several times, since real-time monitoring allows greater commitments and working towards goals.

Allows the secure backup of information

With the connection from SharePoint, your teams will be able to safely back up the information and at the same time easily find it from any mobile or desktop device. Plus, you can simplify document flow and automate smaller tasks.


  • SharePoint Online as a cloud subscription allows more scope for businesses from Microsoft 365 plans.
  • If your company already has a provider with whom they use SharePoint, check if it is only using it as an intranet and collaboration platform, because if this is the case, it may not be getting the most out of your investment.
  • In the extensive library of applications available in the SharePoint Store, you can find CRM, Help Desk, business intelligence tools, dashboards, among others.

Benefits of consulting with Al Rafay Global whether or not it is convenient for you to contact the SharePoint service

SharePoint is just one of the Microsoft 365 tools that optimize productivity, telecommuting, and collaboration. If you are evaluating a tool like SharePoint to make your business processes profitable, at Al Rafay Global we can help you with SharePoint consulting. All you have to do is schedule a session with us so that we can analyze how much you could use in your company, or if you already have it, what more benefit could you get from it.

If you want specialized support to clear up your doubts, we invite you to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our experts at the following link. We will try to contact you to talk about the technological tools that you need in your company.





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