What Cryptocurrency Online Casinos do Differently


Crypto online casinos have been trending in the past two years. What’s the commotion all about? Do these sites offer better services than regular gambling sites?

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to learn about Bitcoin online casinos. Find out why it may be a good reason to buy crypto and join one of these operators like BK8.

Generous Bonuses

Crypto online casinos do bonuses better than all their competitors. The typical online casino welcomes you with a bonus worth $100 or $200. Cryptocurrency casinos take the generosity a notch higher. They can match your first deposit for a maximum of 1BTC to 5BTC.

One BTC is worth $20,0000 at the time of writing. If you got this amount as a bonus, you could use it to play nearly every casino game multiple times. Think about it.

With one BTC as a bonus, you could spend $500 on your favorite slots daily for a month as still have change. And this only applies to the welcome bonus. If you join a great casino, you could also earn the following promotions:

  • Loyalty Bonus
  • VIP Rewards
  • Cashback bonus
  • Daily Promotions

Fast Payments

One of the most common problems people face at online casinos is that withdrawals take too long. Depositing money is always a breeze. But once you win money, it takes days or weeks to get your money.

Crypto casinos have a solution for this problem. Because crypto is generally fast, you can bet on receiving your winnings in a couple of hours. The best part: It doesn’t matter how much you win.

You see, most casino payment methods have a maximum withdrawal speed of $10,000. If you win $100,000, your only option might be wire transfer. And wire transfer can take up to 10 days.

Crypto casinos allow you to withdraw up to $100,000 instantly. To be clear, operators don’t have such high limits for every payment method. They make an exception for crypto and a few other banking providers.

Providing Access to A Larger Audience

When you think about, anyone can access crypto. It doesn’t matter where you live. If you can access the Internet, you can buy or sell bitcoin or Ethereum. And if you can own crypto, you have access to lots of crypto casinos.

With fiat-based payment methods, you must live in certain countries to access their services. For example, Google Pay works in fewer than 20 countries. That means most of the world can’t use its services.

PayPal is available in more than 200 countries. Still, it does not operate in a handful of countries. Crypto works everywhere, providing financial access to billions of people.

Now, not every crypto casino will accept you simply because you have Bitcoin. More importantly, not every crypto is worth your time. Take time to compare casinos to ensure you find the right operator for you.

Crypto Games

You can play Starburst and Thunderstruck II in many online casinos. But you can only play crypto slots and roulette and crypto casinos. Blockchain-based games are not yet as popular as regular games.

But they have some unique benefits. For example, you can check the fairness of a crypto game. Because the blockchain is transparent and immutable, you can access a game’s algorithm to verify if it is fair.

Besides fairness, crypto games allow you to eliminate the intermediary: Casinos. That’s right. You can play some blockchain games for real money without the use of gambling sites. This system works with the help of decentralized apps.

With that in mind, you may want to find a casino with conventional slots and table games. We mean games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech, Evolution and IGT.

Crypto games are still at an early stage of development. As such, you will have a more delightful time playing games from well-known software providers.

Security and Privacy

At its core, cryptocurrency is safe and secure. When you buy bitcoin, you receive two addresses to keep your coins safe. The only way you can lose your funds is if you reveal your private address or if your wallet gets hacked.

The blockchain can’t be hacked. It’s decentralized, meaning no one has total control over Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other altcoin. Blockchain is also immutable, meaning no one can change transactions recorded on the platform.

Another feature of crypto is that it asks for no personal information. You can complete transactions all over the world without every providing your personal information.

Of course, licensed casinos must verify your identity by law. Due to this, you can’t truly gamble anonymously using Bitcoin at well-known casinos. That’s alright though. Crypto’s other benefits makes it an ideal payment option for casino banking, nonetheless.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

Let’s get one thing clear. Casinos are not created equal. However, many crypto casinos can be trusted. In fact, they give you reasons to trust them. For example, they hold licenses from well-known jurisdictions.

What’s more, they secure their websites using military-grade techniques to keep you safe. Some of them also invite independent auditors like eCOGRA to vet their games for fairness.

When it comes transparency, this also varies from one operator to another. Pick a site that is open about its bonus policies, withdrawal speeds and security measures. The best option, though, is to compare and choose a top-rated site.

Mobile Support and Customer Service

There’s a common misconception that crypto does not work on mobile devices. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many crypto casinos work on both desktop and mobile devices.

In fact, they offer hundreds of games through their mobile sites. They also offer the same bonuses you can get from a desktop casino. When it comes to customer service, the best casinos feature live support, email and phone contacts.

As a rule, though, spend some time learning about a casino before you use its services. Verify it offers reliable customer service by reading online reviews. Likewise, use its mobile site to gauge your experience before you create an account.

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