How To Create your WhatsApp Account With USA (+1) number 2022


WhatsApp is among the most used messaging apps that allows you to send text messages as well as multimedia files. To make acquaintances via WhatsApp it is necessary to find their number or share it with them. WhatsApp is safe, fast and simple to use. It is among the most downloaded applications on all of the stores. Additionally, it is the best record for most active users per day for an app.

There are tons of tips accessible on the Internet that are fun and interesting. it is possible to set up an WhatsApp account using the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), or Canada phone number if you do not want to disclose your primary telephone number or other information to any person.

You can also share the USA/UK number that you have created with individuals you do not want to give your actual number, and they’ll be able to reach you via WhatsApp through your secondary virtual number. The number can add to group numbers if don’t want your members of the group to reach you via your personal number. You can create your WhatsApp account using a USA/UK/CA number in this article we will explain how to set up an account on WhatsApp account using the US and UK number by 2022.


Everybody uses WhatsApp everyday, however do you realize WhatsApp’s secret tricks? Ah! If you’re not sure, read this article. Today, We will share the best WhatsApp trick for 2022. It will create your WhatsApp account have an USA number. The method has been thoroughly tested and 100% guaranteed to work. By using the WhatsApp technique, you will be able to quickly create pranks for your relatives and friends. make them aware that you’re a smart user by registering your WhatsApp using an USA or UK or Canada number.

Recently, our readers requested us to write a piece on how to create an USA or UK WhatsApp number, without an existing phone number within America. United States. Making a physical SIM card for the UK or in the US isn’t an easy task. It can be a challenge many times. This is why we decided to publish this post on the website.

Benefits of Having US and UK Number

Privacy: For those who aren’t willing to give their numbers to anyone this method is insane. If you’re using WhatsApp with a fake phone number, your actual number is not visible to anyone.

Creating WhatsApp Account With USA/UK Number

We’ve divided the entire procedure into two parts: the first section explains how to register an USA/UK number, while the second portion of this article explains how to register the number on WhatsApp. Before proceeding with the steps, make sure that you have an internet connection since you’ll need to download specific apps to your device.

Getting USA/UK Number

In the beginning, you’ll need to obtain a USA/UK number in order to set up an account on the WhatsApp account. There are a variety of applications that allow you to create an international number at no cost, and in this post we’ll use TextNow. To make use of TextNow to obtain a USA/UK number, you need to follow the instructions below.

Get TextNow via TextNow from PlayStore (on Android) or App Store (on iOS). Go to the App Store on the device you are using, and look for and download the TextNow application.

Be aware that this application might or may not be accessible in your area. If the app isn’t accessible, you’ll need to make use of the Android device to download and then install it. Download the application’s APK from here and download it to your phone. In this scenario you will not be able to access an iPhone.

Once you have installed the app, launch the app on your mobile. It will prompt you to sign up your account. Click Sign Up to sign up. After you click Sign up, you’ll be asked to sign up using Google, Facebook, or your email. Select the option you prefer and then follow the instructions for registering. If already registered, simply click Log In and login using your login credentials.

Then, you’ll be asked if you wish to establish Text Now for messages and calls. Select the Not Now option, then tap Skip.

If you are asked to dial an address in your area code click on Don’t Use the Location.

You’ll be required to enter the three-digit area code of the city you live. For example 773 would be the code for Chicago. After entering an area code click on Continue. The next screen will show the phone numbers available. Choose any number you want to call then click Continue.

Creating WhatsApp With The USA/UK Number


After you have created the US/UK number, you are able to create an WhatsApp account by using the number. A lot of phones are able to create two apps and if you have the feature you’ll be able to make an identical WhatsApp application using it. If you do not have this feature You can make use of third-party apps to create a dual WhatsApp. For Android it is possible to use Parallel App, while for iPhone you can utilize Parallel Space. Create a second WhatsApp account, then follow the steps listed below.

  • Open the second WhatsApp app on your device, and then tap Agree and Continue.
  • Next you will need to enter the number you registered earlier and click Next.
  • The next window that pops up Tap OK.

You will receive an unicode code of 6 digits on the number. This message will appear via Text Now. Start Text Now on your phone, open the Text Now app on your phone and copy the OTP and then paste it into WhatsApp.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and you’ll be able to set up your WhatsApp account using a UK or USA number.


The numbers you choose from TextNow could or might not work with WhatsApp or you could encounter an error message stating that your number is invalid. Therefore, you’ll need to test a variety of numbers in the TextNow app and refresh until you have an actual number can be used. As an alternative to Text Now, you can make use of other apps like Talkatone or textPlus. These applications allow you to get an American or UK number and then make an account on WhatsApp. WhatsApp account.

Create Your WhatsApp using the USA/UK number 2022

To create your WhatsApp account using a US Number that is legal and functioning is as simple with a click hack technique that you could claim. However, be authentic If you’re looking to set up your WhatsApp account using the US number with a Country Code (+1) it is necessary to reside in an additional country first.

Is It Helpful or Not?

  • The Latest WhatsApp Trick Provides you with greater privacy.
  • It gives your identity a personal touch and nobody can find you.
  • The most interesting thing is are able to get is an USA No. (International Number).
  • Create a WhatsApp Account using an American as well as Canadian # (Alternative)
  • Then, this is the only and most efficient method currently available which anyone can employ to establish a private or anonymous WhatsApp account using United States, United Kingdom and Canada Phone number. It is easy to skip the WhatsApp Verification process using this simple application.

Step 1: Download and Install the 2ndLine US Phone Numbers App.

Step 2: Once you have installed this application, create an Account by using the Signup option using your the email address and password.

Step 3: Following your successful registration, you’ll be directed to the next screen where the application will ask you to enter your country code. We suggest entering (201). If you have a specific area code, you can enter the code here. Otherwise, just click no Specific code and click next.

Step 4: Pick one of the numbers you wish to use from the list. Copy the number, then paste it onto your WhatsApp.

Step 5: It’s the right time to set up a new WhatsApp account with you US or Canada number. Log into your WhatsApp account, enter the mobile number you recorded and then click on the button to verify.

Step 6: When WhatsApp is sending OTP then you can view it in the 2ndLine App. However, in certain cases the OTP was not able to get into the application. Therefore, to confirm this, you must wait patiently for an extended period of time till the Call Me option is enabled. If you do find the Call Me button, just click it to receive your OTP.

Note: These are not permanent numbers, so don’t discuss the issue regarding Account Banning. Make sure you are using a VPN and using these techniques solely for entertainment.

Apps To Get USA/UK/AU/CA Virtual Numbers

This method utilizes an application from a third party called “GROOVE IP” which helps us create a fake US-based mobile number , for absolutely free. You can make calls as well as send SMS using this app. However, those functions require cash from your pocket. Let’s look at what we require to use Whatsapp from the US and UK. First , download the app GROOVE IP from your Google Play store or App store.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Download Groove IP

The application is available on the App Store. You won’t have any security concerns, right? After a long time of use, we believe this app doesn’t require for any permissions that aren’t necessary.

  • Once you have installed the GROOVE IP on your phone, you will need to sign-up using your email address.
  • Please fill in your information and complete your registration.
  • That’s it. Now , you’re being asked to enter an area code. If you have a specific area code, you can enter the code here, otherwise choose no Specific code and click next. Then, you can choose an mobile number from the listing of numbers. Choose any number.
  • Note down that number. It’s time to establish your own WhatsApp account using you US number. Start your WhatsApp account, then enter the mobile number you recorded and click the button to verify.
  • Please be patient and wait for a certain amount of while until you see the Call Me option is activated. If you do notice the call me button, just click it to receive your OTP.
  • The Whatsapp bot will dial immediately to your GROOVE number that will provide you with your verification number. You are now completed with setting up your own Whatsapp account with an US number.

Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App

This method is like the other method, except that we employ different applications for these two methods. However, this application offers certain advantages in comparison to Groove IP. You can personalize your virtual mobile number by using the application Text Plus. To begin, download this Text Plus application from the Google Play Store or from your app store.



Install this app on your phone.

  • Click on Create Account that will appear on the splash screen.
  • Please enter all your personal details such as email and phone… as well as then create your account using this application.
  • Once you have successfully signed up start this application, then log in using your credentials.
  • Click on the Account menu, then select Tap to obtain a an absolutely free US number. You can choose this option.

Then you are presented with the dialog box, asking to provide the whereabouts for the phone number. It is possible to keep it as by default, or change it to receive the number you want from the area.

  • Now , you’re being greeted with a new number, which is based on the place you selected.
  • Take note of the number and what you’re opening on WhatsApp.
  • Copy the number in the text box, then click on receive the verification code via WhatsApp.
  • You’ll now receive an SMS within your application along with your text. Enter your verification number and begin to rock with your brand new WhatsApp.
  • You now have an American-based WhatsApp account that does not have having a mobile number from the US. We hope that these two methods were successful for everyone.

International WhatsApp Account Using Numero eSIM

Step 1: You must install the NumeroeSIM App for your Android.

Numero eSIM is an VoIP app that is accessible through and Google Play Store which provides the virtual number. Utilizing this Virtual Phone Number, users can perform calls over the internet and send and receive SMS according to the plan. There are other benefits that come with a virtual phone number. Because Numero eSIM can handle numbers that are compatible with phones from countries that support these.

The other steps are essentially exactly the same as those described in the previous methods.

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