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Dental software is a type of computer program that is used by dental professionals to manage and organize their practice. Dental software can be used for a variety of tasks, including scheduling appointments, managing patient records, tracking treatment plans, and generating reports.

In the UK, there are several dental software options available to dental practices. Some of the most popular dental software programs in the UK include:

  1. Exact Dental Software: This is a comprehensive dental software program that is designed to help dental practices manage all aspects of their business. It includes features for appointment scheduling, patient records, treatment planning, and billing.
  2. Dentally: This is a cloud-based dental software program that is designed to be easy to use and accessible from any device. It includes features for appointment scheduling, patient records, treatment planning, and billing.
  3. Dental: This is a dental software program that is specifically designed for use in the UK. It includes features for appointment scheduling, patient records, treatment planning, and billing, as well as additional features for managing patient communications and marketing.
  4. Dental Software 4 Practice: This is a comprehensive dental software program that is designed to help dental practices manage all aspects of their business. It includes features for appointment scheduling, patient records, treatment planning, and billing, as well as additional features for managing patient communications and marketing.
  5. DentalRota: This is a dental software program that is specifically designed for appointment scheduling and management. It includes features for managing patient appointments, as well as tools for analyzing practice performance and optimizing scheduling.

These are just a few examples of dental software programs that are available in the UK. There are many other options available, and the best software for your practice will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is important to research and compare different dental software options to find the program that best meets your needs.

Peruse this article till the finish to track down your ideal dental software UK.

Best UK Dental Software: Our Best Pick

In the wake of going through every one of the devices, we can affirm that Software4dentists is our #1 and effectively the best dental software UK 2022. It takes care of each and every need a dental specialist or dental center could have.

Top 10 UK Dental Software For 2022

Before we plunge into the subtleties of every software, here is a speedy look into the best dental administration software in the UK:

  1. Software4dentists: Best Overall Dental Software UK
  2. Pearl Dental Software: Dental Software For Cloud Access
  3. Dentally: Best Dental Software For Data Security
  4. Frameworks For Dentists: Best Dental Software For Self-Check-Ins
  5. iSmile: Dental Software With A Mobile Application
  6. Shire Dental: Dental Software For Automated Billing Generate
  7. Dental Plus: Dental Software For Free Updates
  8. Software of Excellence: Best Dental Software For Integrations
  9. Dentsys: Best Dental Software For Beginners
  10. DenGro: Best Dental Software For CRM

UK Dental Software Practice Management Software: Compared

Doubtlessly, you need to find out about the best dental software programs. Here are itemized audits of every one of the best 10 dental software:

1. Software4dentists: Best Overall UK Dental Software


Controlled by Bridge-IT, Software4dentists is made following 20 years of energetic advancement, making it one of the best dental practice software in the present time. One of the essential points of Software4dentists is to assist you with going paperless. With each data and cycle digitized, you can save a ton of time and exertion in dealing with your center.

The apparatus not just means to simplify everything for you, however its highlights are likewise intended to work on your patient’s insight. At last, you get better business, and your patients get better help; isn’t that a mutual benefit?

Best Features

This is the very thing that we love about Software4dentists:

Electronic Forms: One of the principal necessities of going paperless is to digitize structures. Software4dentists assists you with making electronic structures to record patient data safely in its server.

Online Appointment Booking: Why make your patients boil down to the center to book an arrangement when you can have them do as such from the solace of their homes. You can likewise alter the web based booking gateway to match your image’s subject.

Arrangement Diary: Creating the timetable for the day is incredibly simple with Software4dentists’ arrangement journal. Simplified arrangement demands under the concerned dental specialists to design your day faster.

Virtual Waiting Room: Find out which patients have been sitting tight and for how long utilizing the green, golden, and red lounge area signal element.


Here are the plans presented by Software4dentists:


Solo: £35/month
Startup: $45/medical procedure/month + £25/front counter
Standard: $55/medical procedure/month + £35/front counter
Limitless: $65/medical procedure/month + £45/front counter


Solo: £45/month
Startup: $50/medical procedure/month + £30/front counter
Standard: $60/medical procedure/month + £40/front counter
Limitless: $70/medical procedure/month + £50/front counter


60-day time for testing
Accessible for both cloud and neighborhood framework
Virtual lounge areas
Simple to make arrangement journals


No in-person preparing


2. Pearl Dental Software: Best UK Dental Software For Cloud Access

Pearl Dental Software

Pearl Dental Software is exceptionally intended for autonomous experts. Its elements are adaptable and versatile yet strong enough to help people, as well as little to medium-size centers, invigorate their administration.

Quite possibly of the best thing about Pearl Dental Software is that it is consistent with all UK dental practice rules and regulations, guaranteeing you never cause problems for utilizing this device.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about Pearl Dental Software:

Cloud Access: Keep your information put away securely in the cloud and bid farewell to late evenings at work. Access all that you really want from the solace of your home or elsewhere on the planet.

Computerized Reminders: Need somebody to set up updates for your impending arrangements? Take the weight off your associate by setting robotized updates with Pearl Dental Software.

Patient History: Every patient labels along lots of administrative work and clinical history. Why stuff your work area with heaps of papers when you can store all understanding records carefully.

Tablet Integration: You can’t really go computerized on the off chance that you actually need a pen and paper to sign reports. That is the reason Pearl Dental Software offers consistent tablet reconciliation to work on computerized marks.


Pearl Dental Software uncovers its valuing just on demand.


Cloud access
Robotized arrangement update
Heavenly surveys from existing clients
Works on computerized marks


Not appropriate for Mac or Linux frameworks


3. Dentally: UK Dental Software For Data Analysis


Dentally has been perceived as one of the main dental practice the board software. It assists you with smoothing out your work, focus on in like manner and let loose your important opportunity to zero in on things that really matter. The instrument is confided in by more than 18,000 dental professionals from one side of the planet to the other.

What we truly like about Dentally is its flexibility. The software works for autonomous dental specialists, NHS professionals, blended practice as well as centers in with various types of dental practice.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about Dentally:

Information Security: Dentally is very genuine about keeping up with the trustworthiness of your patient’s data. That is the reason it offers mechanized reinforcements and full encryption for each snippet of data you transfer.

Simple Integration: Seamlessly coordinate with outsider applications for bookkeeping or showcasing utilizing Dental’s adaptable API.

Speedy Search: Be it data on your patient’s set of experiences, arrangements, or records; find all that you really want in a tick with Dental’s fast pursuit innovation.

Patient Management: Dentally improves dealing with your patients with highlights like self-registration, installment interface age, and digitized patient records.

Here are the plans presented by Dentally:

Fundamental: £50/medical procedure/month
Standard: £84/medical procedure/month
Progressed: £108/medical procedure/month


Predominant information security
Sensible estimating
Adaptable API for combination
Simpler patient administration


The graphing highlight isn’t extremely skilled


4. Systems For Dentists: UK Dental Software For Self-Check-Ins

Systems For Dentists

Systems For Dentists was sent off in 1987, and the device has been offering top notch dental administration administrations to dental specialists across the United Kingdom and Ireland from that point onward. From dealing with your patient data and experience to assisting you with running your group of dental specialists proficiently, Systems For Dentists deals with all that a dental center might potentially require.

Since the apparatus was created in close counsel with dental specialists, medical caretakers, and experts, you can be guaranteed of getting perfect administrations at each stage.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about Systems For Dentists:

Online Back-Up: Don’t have any desire to lose pivotal patient data? Get normal back-ups with Systems For Dentists. Set up your schedule for everyday reinforcement at your own comfort.

Self Check-in: Don’t assume the extra liability of really looking at in your patients; use Systems For Dentists’ self-registration booth highlight all things being equal. It will assist your patients with dealing with their own arrangements.

Postal Code Finder: Not certain about your patient’s location? Use Systems For Dentists’ postal code locater to rapidly focus in on where they stay.

SMS Reminders: Emailing isn’t generally the most effective way to connect with your patients. That is the reason Systems For Dentists has coordinated a SMS highlight in their device to improve on correspondence with patients.


Frameworks For Dentists doesn’t uncover its evaluating on its site. Reach out to its outreach group for a custom statement.


Online reinforcements
Created by industry specialists
Been in the business starting around 1987
Telephone support accessible


It isn’t straightforward to Price


5. iSmile: UK Dental Software With A Mobile Application


Overseeing patients, patient records, and the administrative side of a dental center could appear to be a difficult errand, however not with iSmile. The device is most popular for its extensive dental administration includes that make it simple to deal with a dental facility, regardless of whether you are a free expert or a partnership.

Dissimilar to most devices, iSmile offers a revelation call include wherein you get a free data pack on the instrument. You can likewise book a free demo with the group to realize the device better.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about iSmile:

Auto SMS and Email: Tired of sending innumerable messages and messages to your patients physically? Utilize iSmile’s mechanized SMS and email component to consequently convey arrangement updates.

Responsive Mobile App: Don’t have any desire to adhere to your PC screen the entire day? Finish your work in a hurry utilizing iSmile’s responsive versatile application.

Journal Management: A refreshed web-based journal assists clients with really taking a look at their obligations and impending occasions for the afternoon, week, or even month ahead of time. All things considered, better arranging prompts better execution.

Medical procedure Live: Surgery Live is an interesting element under which you get told whenever a patient arrives at your training and assists you with following them all through their arrangement.


Here are the plans presented by iSmile:

1 User: Year 1 @ £160+vat each month| Year 2+ @ £60+vat each month
2 User: Year 1 @ £190+vat each month| Year 2+ @ £90+vat each month
3 User: Year 1 @ £220+vat each month| Year 2+ @ £120+vat each month
4 User: Year 1 @ £250+vat each month| Year 2+ @ £150+vat each month
5+ User: Year 1 @ £280+vat each month| Year 2+ @ £180+vat each month


Reasonable plans
Simpler to follow patients
Responsive versatile application
Better group the executives


No free rendition


6. Shire Dental: UK Dental Software For Automated Billing Generate

Shire Dental

Shire Dental stands apart from its companions, especially because of the ability of its pioneers; the innovative personalities behind Shire Dental have been managing dental administration starting around 1987. The device is typically accessible in a PC framework wherein the organization deals with the establishment and arrangement. For free dental specialists, they additionally offer software that can undoubtedly coordinate with your current framework.

Best Features

This is the very thing we love about Shire Dental:

Programmed Billing: Don’t have a bookkeeper to take care of the bills? Use Shire Dental’s mechanized charging element to create patient bills in a jiffy.

Treatment Plans: One of the greatest issues dental specialists face is tracking down a framework to store long haul treatment plans. All things considered, you can’t bear to think twice about treatment course of events of a patient. Shire Dental is your smartest choice assuming that you are excited about safely putting away treatment plans.

Email or SMS Booking: If you need to make booking arrangements more straightforward for your patients, Shire Dental’s SMS or email booking component will be your companion.

Virtual endorsement: If you need to really go paperless, Shire Dental can assist you with archive the board and verification through virtual endorsements.


Shire Dental offers level estimating at £36 + VAT each month for one medical procedure; extra medical procedures come at £18 + VAT each month.


Reasonable valuing
Accompanies bookkeeping highlights
Preparing and establishment help
Far reaching dental administration arrangements


The framework connection point is very obsolete


7. Dental Plus: UK Dental Software For Free Updates

Dental Plus

In the event that you are searching for a reasonable answer for be in complete control of your dental practice 24×7, attempt Dental Plus. The device was intended for dental specialists by dental specialists, which makes it fit for serving any need you could have in your everyday center obligations.

Perhaps of the best thing about Dental Plus is that it assists you with getting to know the device through an exhaustive instructional course. That, however you will likewise get all the assist you with requiring from their cordial client care group.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about Dental Plus:

Free Updates: Dental Plus has a level permitting expense which stays constant all through and its updates are consistently programmed and free.

Arrangement Maintenance: Dental Plus permits you to variety code your arrangements and pick your own style to make tracking books simpler and fun.

Online Payments: Make arrangement appointments less complex by utilizing Dental Plus’ internet booking and installment include. Allow your patients to fill in every one of the subtleties and make installments on the web.

Adaptable: Want your dental administration answer for match your own tone? Administrators on Dental Plus get the honor to redo the whole apparatus interface according to their necessities.


Dental Plus doesn’t uncover its estimating forthright. Reach out to its outreach group to demand a statement.


Easy to use
Faultless client service
Simple internet based installments
Free updates and level permitting expense


Updates now and again don’t arrive at patients on time


8. Software Of Excellence: UK Dental Software For Integrations administration

Software Of Excellence

Assuming you are searching for a dependable dental administration software that is trusted by thousands and has a perfect help record, attempt Software of Excellence. The instrument has been assisting innumerable dental specialists with dealing with their work process for the beyond 30 years. The most amazing aspect? You can likewise get on a revelation call with one of their specialists prior to deciding on a paid arrangement.

Best Features

This is the very thing we love about Software of Excellence:

Patient Portal: Patients love to have command over administrations concerning them. Give them 100 percent opportunity through a devoted patient entry fueled by Software of Excellence.

Patient Record Capture: Want to smooth out your gathering work? Incorporate Software of Excellence with CliniPad to quickly catch patient data.

Business Insights: Software of Excellence additionally coordinates with MyPractice Cloud to give you continuous experiences into your facility’s business and pursue the ideal choices.

Fantastic Integrations: Software of Excellence offers satisfactory incorporation abilities to transform it into a one-stop answer for dental administration. The absolute most famous combinations permitted by Software of Excellence incorporate Examine Pro, CliniPad, and MyPractice Cloud.


Software of Excellence uncovers its valuing just on demand.


Continuous business experiences
Simple catch of patient records
Devoted patient gateway
Superb reconciliation limit


Many high level elements require incorporation


9. Dentsys: UK Dental Software For Beginners


Dentsys has been helping dental specialists overall around the UK throughout the previous 25 years with its impeccable dental administration software: Edge. The apparatus is intended for autonomous dental specialists as well as dental centers of shifting sizes. They have likewise cooperated with the NHS to extend the extent of their administration arrangements.

One of the most outstanding things about Dentsys is that it is planned remembering both patient and worker needs. This implies it cares for your patient-driven processes as the need might arise.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about Dentsys:

No Binding Contract: Dentsys doesn’t tie you to their device; there is no agreement to secure you. Utilize the device as long as you need and leave in the event that you need to.

Free Training: Want a little assistance to assist your group with understanding the device better? Dentsys will give you free preparation both on the web and via telephone.

Cloud Backups: Get moment disconnected reinforcements to never lose a solitary piece of information. Best of all, Dentsys will get in touch with you on the off chance that the reinforcement isn’t saved as expected.

Framework Purchase: Dentsys is one of only a handful of exceptional devices that offer a discretionary framework buy choice in the event that you don’t have a PC. They can likewise assist you with purchasing the best imaging and x-beam frameworks for your center.


Book a free demo or contact their outreach group to get a custom statement.


Helped onboarding
Dependable client assistance
Discretionary framework buy choice
Far reaching patient administration devices


Restricted joining limit


10. DenGro: UK Dental Software For CRM


On the off chance that you are searching for a committed CRM device for your dental business in the UK, DenGro is a must-attempt. One of the most one of a kind highlights of DenGro is its promoting computerization. The apparatus cares for your current patients as well as assists you with tracking down additional patients and book them for treatment.

This straightforward yet compelling framework is ideal for centers, everything being equal. What’s more, considering the heavenly surveys it has gotten from existing clients, it will positively merit a look.

Best Features

This is the very thing that we love about DenGro:

Lead Identification: Don’t burn through your time filtering through numerous inboxes. Allow DenGro to take out leads from your site, web-based entertainment handles, and messages quickly.

Lead Notification: Keeping your leads holding up can drive them away. DenGro will send you a warning whenever you get another lead, or a lead attempts to connect with you.

Moment Contact: DenGro puts your patient and their necessities first. Allow them to choose the ideal time and date to book their consultations.

Combinations: Although DenGro has its own patient administration highlights, it compensates for its weaknesses by permitting you to coordinate devices like Dentally and EXACT.


Here are the plans presented by DenGro:

Development: £199.00/month/practice
Expert: £249.00/month/practice


Lead the board
Better client correspondence
Ongoing business examination
Mechanized arrangement updates


The local highlights center likely a lot around lead transformation


What is a Dental Software?

Dental software, or dental practice the executives software, alludes to refined devices dental specialists use to deal with their day to day tasks at medical services communities. These devices offer an extensive arrangement of important highlights, including planning arrangements, making contact data sets, putting away and sharing records, detailing, taking patient notes, outlining the dental history, and setting treatment plans.

Plus, these devices can likewise bend over as viable correspondence stages for the representatives in a dentistry center. A portion of the high level instruments are even fit for recording protection claims and following them.

Dental experts and receptionists utilize

these software to oversee activities, store data, and do managerial errands. This lifts the general efficiency of the association. The best dental software comes incorporated with bookkeeping or charging devices, guaranteeing that you can match up your records office with the functional one.

To keep up with efficiency, dental facilities settle on instruments that can advance their cycles, diminish time on manual work, and limit stand by time. Strong dental apparatuses assist in concentrating all the data with their complete highlights. A portion of these devices likewise accompany promoting highlights like improving SEO and dispatching pamphlets to patients.

For what reason Should You Use a Dental Software?

In the event that you are a dental expert or run a dental facility, you should receive the rewards of dental practice the board software. This is the way these apparatuses can make your life simpler:

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