Top Pros & Cons Of Email Marketing For Amazon Businesses (Quick Rundown)

Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing before applying it to your Amazon store. Keep reading to find out!

To overcome the stiff competition on Amazon and attract more traffic to generate revenue, most Amazon retailers opt for ads running. Some decide that using Amazon Ads will be the best option, while others stick to the good old marketing emails.

old marketing emails


If you belong to the latter group and seek to utilize this traditional approach for your Amazon store, do not forget to evaluate its merits and demerits as listed below!

The Pros Of Email Marketing

Highly affordable

One of the reasons why small Amazon businesses favor email marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Usually, it does not require many resources from a company to organize an email marketing campaign. All you need is one person writing the ad copy and designing the visual assistance.

If capable, you can even perform this on your own! The only expense needed here is the installation fee of a third-party website, which allows you to send thousands of emails simultaneously. Overall, the initial investment is kept at a minimum, so you do not have to spare tons of money on your marketing plans.

Easy to personalize

Ask any reputable Amazon marketing agency, and they will tell you that emails are a great space to start personalization. There are multiple ways your emails can appeal to customers and make them feel well taken care of.

  • Address the receiver by names: Names are arguably the most noticeable trait about a person. By putting the user’s name at the front of your email, you can grab their attention right away and pique their curiosity. Thus, whoever receives your email is more likely to open it.
  • Remind the receiver of their past actions: By providing reminders about the pending purchase or the latest product a shopper bought from your Amazon store, emails show customers that you notice their shopping patterns and are more than willing to help.
  • Record the receiver’s spending: Many people are interested in knowing how much they have spent on a particular e-commerce platform. You can satisfy their needs by tracking down their orders and presenting them in a list. Even better, add a small promotion code if their total buy exceeds a certain threshold.

Increase traffic

Increase traffic


Ad emails always contain a call-to-action button, which usually leads the receiving end back to your landing page. If done correctly, sending out emails guarantees a massive influx of visits, substantially increasing the visibility of your listings. Furthermore, it helps you expand the current potential customer base and stand a higher chance of converting new users to buyers.

Suitable for retargeting

Retargeting is equally important as trying to reach new shoppers. When it comes to fostering a bond with people already aware of your brand’s existence, what is a better solution than to offer them exclusive content through emails?

For those merely engaging with your ads but not taking further action yet, an email elaborating on your store’s best-sellers and which products are highly recommended will suffice. Regarding one-time customers, you can include tutorials and guidelines on how to best use their latest order or offer information about the new arrivals.

As far as loyal customers are concerned, offer them special treatment with limited deals or free shipping codes. This way, they are more inclined to come back and nurture a long-lasting relationship with your brand.


Long gone are the days when emails are just a solid wall of text. With the rise of technology and various creative tools that follow, now, digital marketers can freely experiment with email design and content arrangement.

For the inexperienced, you can easily find email marketing templates available everywhere on the Internet. From there, feel free to adjust the structure so that the email reflects your Amazon business’s core values and unique products. Put in appealing photos and images that draw the receivers’ attention and motivate them to further interact with your brand.


With a simple touch of the “Forward” button, your email can travel from the inbox of one person to another. If your email is truly informative and helpful for the target audience, you can expect shoppers to share things around and reach even more people.


Some marketing approaches require constant updates and daily presence to make sure everything pans out as expected. With email marketing, the procedure is much easier. You can plan the entire campaign ahead and set a particular date for when to start sending out emails.

The Cons Of Email Marketing

Highly competitive

Email marketing was invented in 1978, which means it has already been in application for half a decade. Understandably, numerous businesses – start-up and brand names alike, are making use of this technique. When pitched against other better-known stores, you hardly stand a chance of standing out.

Difficult to reach customers

Difficult to reach customers


On average, an email user receives no fewer than 100 emails per day. With such a huge number of inquiries, there is no guarantee that your receiver will open up what you already sent them.

Can be marked as spam

If you fail to research the target audience and keep sending emails to the wrong group of users, they will soon get irritated and take drastic measures like deleting them or moving them to the “Spam” folder. Even worse, customers might associate your Amazon store with annoyance and resentment, negatively affecting the brand image you have worked so hard to build.


Running an email marketing campaign is considered one of the most effective and easy-to-navigate tactics to increase the clickthrough rate for your Amazon store.

But getting down to work without any previous experience in the field can be daunting. If you are new to email marketing, be sure to check out Olifant Digital and receive the best advice on organizing your advertising emails for the best outcomes!


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