TheWiSpy vs. mSpy: Pick The Best Monitoring App

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With the help of modern technology achievements, you can now spy on Android devices through spy apps for Android. Many alternatives can be used to pursue your spying needs, but the best option is to get a spy app for Android and monitor the digital actions remotely. Many people want to spy on Android devices, and they don’t have cruel intentions. That’s why parents want to monitor online activities to ensure their security at any cost.

Why To Use Mobile Tracker App?

One may witness many cyber activities or have been a victim of Cyber dangers. Mobile tracker apps are used to prevent them. They can be used to monitor a child’s online activities or an employee to enhance their productivity.

There are many other reasons behind the usage of mobile tracker apps, let’s discuss primary ones:


  • Track digital activities of your kid, spouse or employee.
  • Track their live locations
  • Monitor calls history
  • Monitor social media apps usage

Why is it Important to Monitor An Employee?

An employee is considered as the backbone of a corporate sector. Employees can make firms’ vulnerable by wasting their time. They may waste their working hours  playing addictive games or surfing and scrolling social apps or they may share  company’s private information which can cause cyber crimes. Manual monitoring is not easy, it has many disadvantages.

Digital monitoring in this regard is more useful and helpful. So it is important to monitor the digital activities of employees.

How to Monitor a Kid?

Kids are now familiar with smartphones at a very young age. Mobile or smartphone devices and kids are a scary combo. Whether your teen is using a family tab or gonna have a new phone, you must be protective in both cases. Being a parent you can’t be with your kid all the time, technology has made a rapid advancement, now you can easily monitor and track their activities through Digital monitoring.

We have discussed the basic reasons for cell phone tracking apps along with digital parenting and monitoring. Let’s now shift towards the specs, pricing, and adaptability of the leading mobile phone tracker apps for Android 2021.

TheWiSpy vs. mSpy:


One of the top-ranked apps is the mSpy mobile monitoring app, which works for phone tracker and parental monitoring. In addition, it has many advanced features that are not available on its competitive apps like keylogger and website blocking features.


  • Tracking Social Apps:

mSpy has flexible features that offer remote monitoring. You can trace all data stored through all social media apps, Read text messages, view browsing history, access pictures, and videos.

  • Geo-Fencing:

You can set unlimited safe and danger zones to monitor how often those sites are visited. And you can view the active locations of the target device.

  • Data access:

It allows you to access the stored data by using mSpy. It allows you to watch mobile history and activities, messages, calls, etc.

  • GPS location trackers:

It allows you to keep a thorough eye on your kid by offering a GPS location tracker.

  • Calls and message spying:

Through mSpy, you can view all calls and messages received or sent.

Moving on to the prices mSpy offers to its users;


  • The basic version costs $29.99 per month.
  • The premium version costs $69.99 per month.


  • Go to your phone’s menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select About phone.
  • You will find the Os version under the Android version.


TheWiSpy is a qualitative and affordable phone tracker app. That helps you in digital monitoring, employee monitoring, and child Monitoring App. When you look for a phone tracker app, you must first check its features to know what services it can provide. TheWiSpy has 30+ features that offer quality results.


Location tracking services:

Location tracking is one of the important features that every employer or parent would ask for in a tracking app. It offers these location tracking services:

  • Geofencing:

Through TheWiSpy, you can mark the vicious places on the map of the phone, and can block these zones so the target device won’t go there. You would get an instant alarming notification if your child visited those places.

  • Track GPS location:

Through GPS location tracking app, one can track the real-time locations The app accesses the map on the device. Then traces all the visited places. You can track your kid and find where he has been all day.

Manage Call Logs:

This spy app will let you monitor all incoming & outgoing call logs. Furthermore, this phone tracker app allows you to find details of all the contacts. You can record incoming calls using an Android monitoring app.

Track Messages:

You can track text messages on your child’s phone & you can view conversation history, read chats and delete messages.

Trace Multimedia Files:

You can access multimedia files stored on the target device. It includes all the media files stored on the phone.

Remote Monitoring:

TheWiSpy offers remote monitoring; you can control your target phone remotely. Transferring  things from the target’s phone is possible.

Monitor Social Media:

Tracking social media calls, viewing online activities,  reading messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, and other apps is easier.

Email Monitoring:

It gives you access to emails and you can easily download MMS and other multimedia files attached.

Surround recording:

The microphone can be accessed. The surround recording of the app is amazing. You can record the surroundings. You can simply hear the real-time conversations recorded through the spy app.

Browsing History:

TheWiSpy allows you to monitor the browsing history. You can view the websites visited frequently

More features:

Along with these features, TheWiSpy offers many more features. Such as calendar reminders, spy cameras, keylogger, contacts tracing, Wi-Fi etc.

Getting started with TheWiSpy,

Installation Guide:

After a brief outlook on the features of TheWiSpy; let’s move towards the Installation guide. You would have a subscription, installation and a Monitoring App guide.

Get TheWiSpy account:

  • Open the TheWiSpy website.
  • Open price plans.
  • Three price plans, choose what you want.
  • Pop the “Try Now” button.
  • Add account details.
  • Sign-Up process.

Install TheWiSpy on the target phone:

  • Get hands-on with your target phone.
  • Go to the URL browser.
  • Tap on the “Install” button.
  • Start downloading.
  • Accept all the permissions.
  • Enable the stealth mode.

Monitor remotely:

  • Through a browser, open the link
  • Login your ID.
  • Features you selected will appear.
  • Start remote tracing.


In a nutshell, mobile tracking apps have acknowledged the importance of spying and have launched the most advanced features for Android users. Choosing the Android monitoring app depends on your requirements and budget. Make sure you invest in a phone tracker app that offers you the required features within your budget limit.

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