These are the Crypto Apps you should Download Next

Crypto Apps

There are a host of applications that are part of the crypto ecosystem which many people never knew existed. Others are a must-have if you’re serious about the security of your crypto assets.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have opened up a whole new range of possibilities for making money which is completely passive, some forms of earning crypto even pay you to do things like browse the internet and watch videos.

Firstly, if you haven’t already, you should definitely have a cryptocurrency investment app, after all, you are going to need somewhere to buy and sell your crypto! There are many options out there, the most important things to look at are the fees for trading, and the security of the app.

Once you have that, here are 4 other crypto apps you should definitely take a look at for storing, tracking, and earning crypto.

Crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is an invaluable application for any serious long-term crypto investor. Unless there is a good reason to keep your crypto on an exchange, such as using an exchange’s products’ such as staking, lending, or yielding, then consider storing your crypto more securely.

There are “hard wallets” and “soft wallets”, crypto traders typically employ a mix of both. Hard wallets, like those from Tezor or Ledger, look like a USB drive and store crypto offline, which is less susceptible to hacks, and is used for storing large sums for a long term.

Soft wallets are applications which keep your crypto online and ready to use quickly for trading, whilst still giving the owner custody of the crypto like a hard wallet. Popular soft wallets are Metamask and Trust Wallet, most cryptocurrency exchanges have their own soft wallet product too, so choose your favorite.

Portfolio tracker

Sometimes, it can get a little crazy remembering where all your crypto is and how much you’ve earned, especially around tax time.

Different exchanges have different products, prices, and with DeFi applications now growing, it might be a matter of time before you misremember where some of your crypto is!

DeFi applications

Portfolio trackers provide you an easy dashboard to view your investments. Where they are, and how much you’ve made (or lost) on each one. Popular trackers are Blockfolio and CoinStats, but many more are available. most are free, and can include extra features like price alerts and news.

Brave browser

Brave browser is an internet browser which also has applications for iOS and Android. It natively integrates a cryptocurrency, so users can get paid to browse the internet.

Brave has built a few applications based around crypto. Including a crypto wallet, an exchange to swap cryptos, and even its own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave pays users in BAT if the user allows advertisements to be served to them by the Brave browser.  Advertisers pay Brave in BAT to serve their ads. And a portion of that advertiser money is paid to the users.

BAT can then be converted to cash, or gifted to creators which have set up a wallet to receive the crypto.  All BAT is stored directly in a crypto wallet native to the Brave browser, so users don’t need to connect any other wallet.

The drawback is that the Brave wallet is only included in the browser for now. But Brave has stated it’s made plans to create a mobile wallet in the future.


Odysee is like YouTube but with crypto, and much like Brave. Users are paid to watch videos, in crypto of course.

Odysee is built on a blockchain called the LBRY protocol, which is a file sharing and payment facilitation network, allowing anyone to upload files, like videos, and also to send and receive crypto.

Users of Odysee earn a cryptocurrency called a LBRY Credit for doing things like following creators. Inviting friends, gaining followers, and of course, watching videos. Users can also tip creators they enjoy watching with the credits, or creators can “paywall” their videos to earn money. Allowing only those willing to pay a certain number of LBRY Credits to watch their content.

There’s plenty to watch, with Odysee boasting over 10 million videos, and even features some popular YouTube creators. The platform has a built-in wallet, and credits can be converted to cash and sent to your bank account from in the app.


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