The science of lead generation using web scraping

Can you thrive in business without acquiring new customers? Rhetorically NO! The goal of every business is to grow in sales, and the best way to go about this is through lead generation.

A lead is a person who is interested in your product and ready to make a purchase. It can be cumbersome for your sales team. It’s virtually impossible for a person to acquire leads from the large pool of sources online. But web scraping has made the whole process easier and stress-free.

to acquire leads, especially if your company has limited resources. That’s where web scraping comes into play.

Shortcomings of generating leads manually

The manual process of generating leads involve

  • finding the lead source
  • searching and extracting the details
  • cleaning the necessary data, and
  • structuring the data in a readable format

This process is cumbersome and you need to update your lead generation campaign regularly. Unfortunately, what works this year may be obsolete the following year. Thus, you would need to manually scrape new leads, even in this dynamic era of changing consumer preference.

The result is always predictable – The company or business ends up spending a lot of money on lead generation, buying most from external sources. This method is not economical at all.

What about web scraping?

The internet has made the process of lead generation easier now. There are different websites and social media platforms where potential customers leave their contact details.

It’s virtually impossible for a person to acquire leads from the large pool of sources online. But web scraping has made the whole process easier and stress-free.

With web scraping, you can now scrape hundreds of quality leads in a structured format without wasting money, time, and efforts.

Web scrapers like webautomation.io have been used by several businesses and organizations to generate quality leads.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is simply the process of gathering useful data from web pages. Scrapers use special robots to crawl through the required websites to extract your needed data.

The bot analyzes and organizes the information for you. And as a result, you can get a well-structured list of leads that you can utilize to make massive sales.

How does web scraping help in generating relevant leads?

You can use web scrapers to collect lead information from social networking sites, directory sites, and more. All you need to do is find the relevant channel you want to use. Web scraping software like “
web automation” can help you generate leads from one or more sources. This helps you generate better results and make more sales.

Let’s consider this real-life example of leads generation in comparatively no time.

  • You need customers (leads):You’re selling medical equipment to the hospitals in the US, and you would love to find names of the hospitals in all states, their contact details, and many more.
  • You utilize online business directories: Instead of using manual methods of copying and pasting, you act smartly and make use of an online business directory – Yellow pages. You used the search query, “Hospitals in the US” and gather a list of people who are potential buyers.
  • You use web scrapers to scrape business directories: Now, after streamlining your work to an extent, it can still be hard to scrape thousands of business details manually. Besides, you’ll need to go from page to page to arrange the required information in a readable format. But with just a click, web scrapers can help you get all this information and arrange them in a clear readable format.

You can use a lead scraper to scrape websites and business listings for URLs, names and contacts of every business on that page. This will be presented in a ready-to-process list which you can use in making sales decisions. You can scrape thousands of high-quality leads with just a click and you get your result in mere minutes.

Your leads could be in location- or industry-specific sites, government sites, B2B leads, and even your competitor’s website.

Benefits of a lead scraper for businesses

Using web scrapers like web automation for generating leads can help you achieve the following:

Discover your real audience

Understanding your target audience is the first step in lead generation. You need to understand your customers’ demographics, preferences, purchase histories, and more to understand if you have a chance of working with them.

Web scrapers make it easy to access all this information to plan your lead generation strategy. Your sales team can utilize this information to start a sales pipeline as fast as possible.

High quality leads

Web scrapers streamline the whole process to generate high-quality leads that have a higher chance of buying your product. This creates the opportunity of converting leads into regular customers.

Understand your customer base

With web scraping, you can learn about the industry trends before generating leads. You can track rivalries, do market research, know your customers’ preference, know market trends, create advanced lead searches, create categories, and much more. This gives you a pool of valid and realistic data of sales leads.

Frequent scraping

You can use web scrapers to scrape daily, weekly, or monthly to get up-to-date and dependable data for business decisions.

So, no more “I don’t have leads.” Web scraping allows you to get new leads every day with minimum effort needed.

Error-free scraping

Web scrapers work with keywords as they process through web pages for appropriate leads. This way, you can get access to the right contacts who will surely love to buy your product or use your services.

With manual scraping, you may copy faulty information, but web scrapers help prevent these information errors.

Web scraping improves the efficiency of your lead strategy as it helps you understand who you’re trying to advertise to, hence, helping you to use the best targeting measures.

Save time

Manual scraping wastes a lot of time as you spend hundreds of hours copying and pasting. Besides, you need to be consistent and the leads generated may not be relevant to your product or services.

On the other hand, web scraping helps you save time. You can get thousands of contacts within minutes of running the lead scraper. More so, you get the right leads that are likely to buy from you.


Web scrapers are the best tools for lead generation today. You can get thousands of quality leads and get constant updates of their contact details from time to time.

You can now scrape business listings from your desired demography or location to fuel your lead generation.

You can even use automated web scrapers like web automation’s prebuilt scrapers which are meant to make things a lot easier for even a novice. You can even try them for free.

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