The Mobile Gaming Market: Forecast for the Future

mobile gaming market

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Recent global events have crippled the gaming industry. Major companies like Bethesda and Ubisoft had their planned releases pushed back because of workplace limitations. Despite this, though, the mobile gaming market didn’t crumble like many expected and has even grown larger.

This unprecedented growth is thanks to the accessibility of mobile games online. Now, most even expect the mobile gaming market size to reach 153 billion USD by 2027.

With the mobile gaming market growth, how does the future look for the industry? Read what we’ve prepared below to find out!

More PC Games Ported to Mobile

You can expect more PC games to become available on your mobile. Companies like NetEase and Rocketcat Games are porting popular games like Death Road to Canada and Dead By Daylight to mobile phones. This is following the success of games like Minecraft and Terraria, which had mobile versions of their games released beforehand.

It’s only sensible to do this because there are 2.2 billion mobile gamers in the world. Doing this is a surefire way for companies to make the most out of the gaming industry. It also boosts the mobile gaming market growth even further.

Growth of the Mobile Gaming Portal

The mobile gaming portal will grow alongside the library of games for mobile devices. A portal is a place where people can find more mobile games to play, often for free. What’s great about the mobile gaming portal is that it improves a user’s game selection and experience.

For example, some portals will detect a device’s specs beforehand. It then recommends to a user what games on the platform they can run with no issue.

Some even allow users to connect their accounts on multiple devices. Doing so allows a user to play with friends and family at the same time. Mobile gaming portals like GameMine only need a subscription for you to access their library of games anytime you want.

More Companies Developing Better Mobile Games

As mentioned above, there are over 2 billion avid mobile gamers in the world today. Large companies will pivot to accommodate this audience by developing games keyed to mobile devices.

Riot Games already developed many mobile games in partnership with Tencent. It’s what led to their impressive growth as a company over the previous year.

Call of Duty, Injustice, GTA also had mobile versions of their games released last year. Some mobile games even integrated modern phone features, like Five Nights at Freddie’s AR.

These all led to the popularization of their respective companies in the market. More companies will follow suit if they don’t want to fall behind in the industry. So, you can expect to play high-quality games at the palms of your hands.

Learn More About the Mobile Gaming Market Today

The future looks promising for the mobile gaming market. Learn what’s in store for the industry so you can prepare for the amazing developments to come today!

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