The Internet of Things and home connectivity


Have you ever watched a science fiction movie or television show and seen a really cool, futuristic gadget that made you think “wow, I wish I had one of those?” We may not be that far away from some of those awesome technologies being part of our everyday lives. Advancements that have been made in the last decade around mobility, Bluetooth, WIFI, and connectivity are creating whole new experiences for consumers all over the world.

One particular technology that has seen tremendous growth is the Internet of Things, or IoT. This refers to devices or machines that can communicate with each other via the internet. It is essentially the network of objects that are sending and receiving data. While this covers a broad range of technologies, it has particularly affected the world of home connectivity.

With the advent of the IoT, possibilities have opened up for turning your home into an interconnected machine that can be more easily controlled by the consumer using devices and appliances that have access to the internet. These advancements are making life easier and safer. Here are a few examples of IoT technologies that can make the ultimate upgrade for an aspiring techie’s home.

Smart lighting system

The lights in your home no longer have to be turned on and off manually. Smart lighting systems can be connected to your smartphone to give you control over them through the internet. This means you can set them on timers, program a schedule for when they come one, and even have them detect when you walk into a room. You can even adjust the lights when you are not even home for security or other purposes. This can also help save on utilities as it is easier to manage the amount of time that lights remain on more efficiently. Smart systems that can connect to the internet give you more control over the lighting in your home.

Connected home hubs

The popular and at times controversial technology known as the smart home hub is a great addition to any connected home. Examples include the Amazon Echo or the Google Nest Hub. These devices help to connect various entertainment devices throughout the home, giving you voice control of all of them. Essentially, you can tell your home what to do and these hubs will initiate the process based on your commands. Some people worry about their capacity for being an invasion of privacy, but the security measures and potential benefits should outweigh any concerns. Bringing together this large number of connected devices will also require a powerful wifi router to avoid internet lag.

Home appliances

Getting ready for the day is now quicker and more convenient with smart appliances that you can purchase for your home. You can get an app-controlled oven that allows you to start preheating it from your device before you come home for a faster cooking time. Or, you can get a refrigerator that tracks every item that is inside so that if you are out shopping, you can just check your phone to see what ingredients or items you already have. You can even control a washer and dryer from your phone. These appliances are not only accessible via the internet, but they are incredibly advanced in their specific functions and make life at home more efficient and easy than ever before.


Your utilities can also be controlled via IoT technologies. Smart thermostats can be programmed directly from your phone to control the temperature both at home and when you are out. You can program a schedule to efficiently turn the heat up or down regularly, or set it manually from anywhere in the world. The same can be done with a smart air conditioner. It is now possible to implement smart technologies into your home’s plumbing. Giving you control of the water flow and valves in case. You are on vacation or are gone for an extended period of time. You can maximize efficiency with your various utilities by investing in smart technology.

Smart cars

Although not technically a part of the home, it is a significant part of our lives. Vehicles now have amazing capabilities such as wifi hotspots, remote starting, lane assist, automated parallel parking. And other technologies that make life while driving easier. A lot of these safety standards are helping to prevent accidents and major injuries to drivers and passengers. For those who are injured in a car accident, personal injury lawyers can be a helpful resource. In the search for more connectivity and the added bonus of safety while driving. Smarter cars are changing the experience of travel connectivity.

Achieving greater comfort

The Internet of Things is changing the game for homes, businesses. Everything in between as researchers and inventors look for ways to make life easier. You can design your entire home to function based on your real-time needs. Using a smartphone to adjust the various appliances and technologies in the house. Consider how efficient you would like your life to be and the level of comfort. That you want to achieve and decide if making your home a smart home connectivity would work for you.

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