The Art of Going Flawless in Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris was one of the first games to really capture the attention of the mainstream gaming community when it was released for the Wii back in 2010. The game was designed and developed by the one and only Eric Fenelon, aka Erimha. And it was a game that took the platforming genre to places never before seen. Its core mechanics were designed to feel smooth, but when combined with its beautiful aesthetics, it could really stand out from any other game in the genre.

Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris – Gameplay

Featuring a beautiful 3D world and a wide variety of levels, Trials of Osiris is a game for all ages. The first part of the game introduces you to the world and the Egyptian Gods. You can play all the levels and solve puzzles to escape from the dungeons and rescue Osiris. Your mission is to defeat the enemies and find the keys to open the doors. To complete each level, you need to solve the puzzles by using various objects.

There are five different game modes in this game. You can start from Easy mode and move further to the Expert level. There is a time limit to complete the levels, which adds adrenaline to the gameplay. So you have to be careful as you play. With all its cool features and themes, Trials Of Osiris is a highly addictive and exciting game that can be played for fun and a challenge. However, it isn’t so easy to play. Therefore, to make things simpler for you, here we have brought you some Trials Of Osiris Tips to help you play the game.

Trials of Osiris Tips

To play the Trials of Osiris game, you will need to have at least a basic knowledge of RTSes and what’s going on in the game world. Of course, you can always go to Google for some tutorials and game reviews. But we have done all that for you and have made a short list of tips that will help you stay in the game as long as you wish and reach the target level with ease.

#1 – Use Your Weapons Carefully

One of the Trials of Osiris tips is to use your weapons wisely. You have all the items to help you on your quest to stop the apocalypse, but this is the time to use your mind as well. Use the weapons carefully and you’ll save yourself from a lot of problems and can count on a Trials of Osiris boost. So try finding out the best weapon for the scenario and use it wisely.

#2 – Always Have a Plan of Action

You must be careful with your action and your opponent’s movement. It’s just a simple case of getting more damage done to your opponent than him. But, before doing that, it is important to analyze and observe the enemy. And when you see an opening for a better counter, then take advantage of it. It’s important that you never take things for granted and analyze what’s happening around you.

#3 – Don’t Be in Rush

You should never try to speed up the game. The only way to win a game is to take it as a challenge and to take on your enemies one by one. This isn’t going to be possible if you rush into the battle. You must be patient and calm for a win. Don’t worry about the loss. It will help you in the long run. Also, this will keep you happy and will keep you from being frustrated.

#4 – Try to Get Better Weapons

Now that you are doing well at the game and making a lot of kills, you have realized that you need some better weapons to help you win more battles. The best way to go about it is to get better weapons that will make you one step ahead. For example, if you are playing with a bow then it might not be an efficient use of your resources to go for a spear instead.

#5 – Don’t Give up too Easily

There is always a learning curve that has to be gone through before you can reach perfection. If you give up after a defeat, then you’ll find it really difficult to recover from it. Instead, you should keep on learning from your mistakes. So when you lose a match, learn from it and move on.

#6 – Stay Organized

It’s very important that you are organized. You should keep all the important weapons and items you need close to your person. If you are struggling to find any one of your weapons, then you cannot count on a win. Try keeping your weapons and items in some boxes or in a backpack. This way, you won’t have a problem finding anything you need to use.

#7 – Don’t Panic If You Are Facing a Tough Match

We all know that if you lose, you can feel very bad. However, there is no point in losing your temper if you are about to face a tough match. It is important to stay calm and remember what you have been taught. You’ll start feeling better and will keep on going stronger. So instead of panicking and losing your temper, you need to control your emotions. If you feel like yelling, then it’s just a sign of losing the match.

#8 – Keep a Record of What Happened

It’s always a good idea to record the matches you play and analyze what you did wrong. You’ll be able to learn from it and understand the key points that you need to improve. Thus, if you have lost a battle, then you must go back to what happened and come up with better ways of playing the game

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