Smart Ways To Apply Video Marketing In 2022

Video Marketing In 2022

In the post-Covid world, consumers prefer to watch videos over any other form of content. A 2020 study by Hubspot shows that video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, surpassing blogs and infographics. However, of late, consumers are bombarded with video marketing from all corners. Unless you revisit your video marketing strategy, there are chances that your video content will get lost in the ocean.

Top 9 techniques to make use of video marketing in 2022

Let’s delve deep into some smart ways that will help you apply video marketing effectively in 2022. 

  1. Research your audience – The first step is to research what your audience finds interesting. Then, come up with relevant, engaging videos that suit their interests. Keep your video content brief and rich in information. Eventually, you can witness your visitors turning into followers. 

The second step is to identify the pain points of your audience. One of the significant reasons people research the internet is to find solutions for their problems. So, develop video content that offers solutions for their concerns. Then, let them keep coming back to you for more answers. 

Last but not least, find out the platforms that your audience visits more often. Then, come up with videos that are optimized for those platforms.  

  1. Invest in a good online video editor – Anyone out there can create a video. However, the key is how you stand out from the rest of the competition. Be it hardware or software, invest in professional filmmaking tools. With a powerful online video editor, now choose from thousands of templates to create compelling videos. The features such as fluid animations and conversion of text to video in online video editor will help you give a delicate finishing touch for your videos.  
  2. Go for live videos – As per the report by Forbes, videos on Facebook live get watched three times more compared to a pre-recorded video. Since live videos are happening in real-time, social media algorithms prioritize them more. Nowadays, individual sellers even sell their products on Facebook Live. Hence, explore the never-ending possibilities of live videos. It’s an excellent opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time. 
  3. Offer a 360-degree video experience – Now, provide your users an immersive experience with a 360-degree video. This is one of the popular trends that has redefined the whole experience of watching videos. As per the study by Omnivirt, 86% of the viewers interact with a 360-degree video. Therefore, a 360-degree video helps you better showcase your products and services. Moreover, now your consumers benefit equally as these videos offer them more control over how they view your products or services.  
  4. Focus on Video SEO – Assume that you have made a fantastic video. What’s the point if it doesn’t reach your target audience?. That’s where Video SEO comes into the picture. Here are some tips to optimize your videos and boost rankings.
  • While creating video file names, titles, and descriptions, include your target keyword.
  • Include relevant tags and popular keywords regarding the topic.
  • Subtitles and closed captions need to be added.
  • Come up with original thumbnail images. 

According to BrightEdge Research, Google displays video thumbnails in 26% of search results.

  1. Customise your videos for OTT – With the outbreak of Covid-19, over-the-top streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have become increasingly popular. As per the August 2020 Nielsen Total Audience Report, 25% of the time is spent on OTT platforms among television viewers. Hence, as a video marketer, it’s the right time to use OTT platforms for running your video campaigns. 

OTT content is streamed on different devices, such as televisions, mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles. Hence, develop video content that is responsive to all these devices. In addition, remember that OTT platforms provide their users with relevant ads and content. Therefore, try to come up with highly targeted content for these platforms.

  1. Soundless videos are the future – Just imagine that you are in a public place. While watching a video on your smartphone, you might prefer to mute the sound. As per the report by Verizon, 92% of US consumers watch videos with the sound off on mobile phones. Also, 80% of the consumers would watch the entire video when captions are provided. 

Thus, it would be a great idea to make videos that are unnecessary to listen to. Also, include captions catering to users who want to watch videos without sound.   

  1. Shoot video on your mobile – Nowadays, it’s unnecessary to shoot videos using a high-end camera. With high-resolution cameras built-in on smartphones, many marketers are coming up with breathtaking videos. The study by Biteable shows that 38% of marketers shoot videos using smartphone apps.  

Let your creative juices start flowing. Think about how you can create video content with substance by using your smartphone. 

  1. Test before you release the final videoLast but not least, testing the audience’s reaction to your video is quite important. After posting your video content on social media, a negative response can prove detrimental. Thus, before sending your final video to the whole world, first test it among a small audience. For this purpose, create a short demo of the video. Then, send it to a group of small audiences. It can be several consumers on your email list or a small group on social media. Observe their comments and evaluate their responses carefully. Based on their feedback, make further changes if necessary. In short, understanding the pulse of your audience will help you enormously in creating a fantastic video.


Video marketing undoubtedly will play a crucial role in the years to come. However, in an era of intense competition, you need to think innovatively to develop content that has the potential to go viral. By following the nine tips discussed above, creating amazing, attention-grabbing videos is not an uphill task anymore.   


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