Reasons Why a Razer Gaming Laptop is the Best Choice for Gamers

Razer gaming laptop have earned a reputation for being high-performance, high-quality machines that are built to take the wear and tear of repeated use. While it’s easy to imagine that all gaming laptops are pretty much the same, this isn’t actually the case; in fact, Razer’s laptops have several unique qualities that make them particularly suitable for gamers and their playtime activities. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a gaming laptop from Razer instead of another brand.

1) Excellent Overall Performance

With a design that is optimised for both gaming and ergonomics, the Razer gaming laptop gives you all the performance it has to offer while keeping you comfortable and making your gameplay more convenient. With its 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD, this laptop gives gamers an experience that is great in graphics, general performance, and the overall computing experience.

2) Responsive Gameplay

Because of the Razer Core external I/O port that enables users to add up to an additional eight discrete Nvidia GTX graphics cards (from previous generations), your game can be played on an ultra-high resolution with minimal lag. This is due to the fact that memory is shared between graphics cards, allowing you to play at high frame rates with stunning visuals.

3) Optimised RGB Lighting Configuration

Razer has partnered with Intel to supply customers with the Dynamic Colour Technology (DCT) that lets you configure your laptop and game on different preset lighting profiles for your gaming sessions. You can choose from six intensity levels and three colour schemes for each one of them to fit your gaming needs as well as your style and preferences.

4) Superior Sound Quality

The Razer Blade Pro is equipped with a USB DAC (digital-to-analogue converter). This means that you can plug in a pair of high-quality headphones and experience the full sound quality of your music, games, and movies. You can also plug in external speakers to improve the sound while you’re streaming or playing online with your friends.

5) Uncompromised Mobility

With its ultra slim chassis, the Razer Blade Pro is highly portable. Allowing you to play on the go anytime, anywhere. It weighs only 5.95 pounds – less than a pound heavier than an iPad Pro. Making it one of the most compact, high-performance gaming laptops available today.

6) Razer Mechanical Switches

Razer’s laptops include a mechanical switch that provides tactile and audible. Feedback to give it a more responsive gaming experience (rather than having an on-off key for your keyboard). Razer’s laptops are also very quiet.

7) Razer Core Competencies

When you purchase the Razer Blade Pro. You can connect your gaming laptop to the Razer Core external I/O port for an additional eight discrete graphics cards. This enables you to get the most optimal performance from your games. Giving you high frame rates and stunning visuals in your gameplay.


If you are a gamer, you need to get a Razer gaming laptop. So when you go to your local computer shop. Ask for a Razer laptop instead of the other brands and check out their laptops for yourself. You’ll be glad that you did. Be sure to tell your friends about how much fun your games are now.

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