Pubg Mobile Latest Update to Celebrate on 21st March – The Growth

PUBG MOBILE (PUBG MOBILE Latest Update) is carrying out a fresh wave of updates, substance, and extraordinary occasions denoting its third commemoration on 21st March 2021.

Gamers can expect energizing in-game updates, for example, music-themed ongoing interaction, new guns, vehicles, and surprisingly the unfurling of a spic and span Metro Royale section as substance update 1.3 is carried out.

CG Movie Titled ‘The Growth”:

Additionally, PUBG MOBILE will likewise be delivering its first CG film named ‘The Growth,’ alongside the update to truly set the ball moving for a fabulous festival. Catching the excursion of normal PUBG MOBILE players who surprise the game, the film is accessible in-game just as on the PUBG MOBILE Pakistan YouTube Channel.


pubg version 1.3.0

PUBG MOBILE Version 1.3 substance update presents an in-game electronic performance to remember its third commemoration. Players can jump into the all-new music-themed game mode “Hundred Rhythms,” in the cherished Erangel map.

After lining for the new variation, players will likewise be provoked to pick one of three extraordinary armbands on Spawn Island, boosting novel in-game forces. The armbands each offer one center dynamic capacity help and can overhaul with two detached lifts by gathering tapes all through the guide.

PUBG MOBILE Originals Music

Pubg hundred rhythms


The performance will likewise have an electronic music square in Erangel, Spawn Island, and Cheer Park, total with a DJ set-up, music arcade machine, and a techno launcher for players to get a 360-degree show insight. In front of an audience, players can tune into exceptional remixed variants of PUBG MOBILE Originals music, which will play on the circle.

They are likewise in for amazement with more music being curated by the DJ. And being played for an extraordinary festival of the commemoration from fifteenth March onwards. What’s more, there will be a music major part in players. Space permitting them to tune in to various melodies by getting the collections. Which can be set as the ambient sounds too for their space.

Accessible for 666UC

journey to the battlegroud

In addition, to observe Pakistan Day on March 23rd. PUBG MOBILE additionally has an energizing coordinated effort with Pakistan-based streetwear brand ‘Rastah’. To acquaint players with all-new in-game Pakistani style skins. Accessible for 666UC, it will accompany opportunities to win additional awards with the set.

With Rasta meaning ‘venture’ in Urdu. The joint effort serves to catch the excursion to the milestone alongside the native style of players. The community things will be accessible at spring-up shops set up in Lahore and Karachi not long from now. Bringing both Rastah’s pieces of clothing and the PUBG MOBILE game nearer to individuals of Pakistan.

URDU Female Voice

The spring-up shop will make a big appearance in Lahore, running from March 14 to March 18. And in Karachi from March 21 until March 25. For a genuinely extraordinary encounter. PUBG MOBILE will likewise be bringing back the mainstream URDU female voice pack. And offering all the more free skins after signing in.

Bringing its own touch of Pakistani flavor and style, in the evident festival. PUBG MOBILE has a variety ever top picks. And new increases being acquainted with making this a paramount, unique experience.

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