Protect Your Truck With A Grill And Brush Guard

Grille Guard

If you have the urge to take your vehicle off the pavement and into the backcountry, it is a good idea to fortify your ride. This gives it added protection against everything from flying gravel to ricocheting rocks to tree branches and brush. As with everything in life you have choices about how you accomplish this goal. Some choices will be adequate for your purposes, while others will be closer to exactly what you want for your specific needs. 

The choice between a grill guard and a brush guard is a good place to start. A bush guard can be many things and can be as simple as a little added protection over the headlights. Their purpose is to push aside obstacles that one often encounters in the backcountry and to prevent your headlights from cracking. They do a good job of absorbing impacts and they are constructed of heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel.

They tend to alter the appearance of your vehicle, giving it a degree of added toughness, but they often don’t dominate the look of your ride as much as many grill guards. You can equip your ride with just a brush guard or you can purchase additional body armor for enhanced protection. 

What Is a Grille Guard?

A grille guard, on the other hand, offers supreme front-end protection and imparts a noticeably rigged vibe to your truck. These add-ons can be handsome as well and you can buy equipment that is custom to your vehicle. Much comes down to personal preference, as you can decide what grille guards have the best lines and colors for your model. The question of what is a grill guard has several correct answers:

  • A valuable add-on for extra protection
  • A durable modification that safeguards your front end
  • An enhancement that imparts a new look
  • An insurance policy in the case of an accident

When searching for the right product, you can look for features such as a black chrome or black polished finish, skid plates, brush guards or a padded center. These tough items constructed of the strongest metals come with solid warranties and will last for many years.

What Is a Brush Guard?

As already hinted at, a brush guard is a way to ramp up the toughness of your truck, especially if you do some off-roading. No matter what make of truck you drive, you can find a guard that works. The F150 brush guard, for example, provides solid front-end protection that protects the grill and also extends out to the headlights. For most vehicles, it is an easy installation process with no drilling required. The piece includes pre-drilled holes for auxiliary lights, a valuable modification that lets you drive off the pavement into the night.

When looking for a new grill guard or brush guard, or both, it is important to decide on what matters to you. Whether you do a little off-roading or a lot, you can find the front-end protection that is ideal for your situation.

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