Pros and cons of front load and top load washing machine

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Whenever we buy a washing machine, we can find a lot of options in the market. It is very tough to decide on only one. If you search for the best top loading washing machine, you will get different search results. Similarly, you will get many results for a front loading washing machine as well. 

You have to understand the differences between them, including the pros and cons of both the items, to understand which one will be appropriate for your usage. Here, we have talked about the pros and cons of the front loading and top loading washing machines which can help you in your next purchase.

Front loading washing machines

The front load washing machine was invented in the 1990s and it has the feature where you can load your clothes from the front side. It has some specific pros and cons which will help you to choose the best appliance for your home. 

Pros of using the front loading washing machine

  • Front loading washing machines use friction and gravity to remove the stains from our clothes efficiently without using much energy or water. They also use less amount of hot water if you choose the hot cycle to clean your clothes. 


  • These washing machines have less dry time and they can drain out water easily and so, you can get your clothes dried quickly. 


  • If you have any person in your home in a wheelchair then that person can also reach out to the washing machine easily. 


  • You can save a lot of space if you install a front-loading washing machine at your home. You can stack it along with the dryer. So you won’t need separate spaces for both the things. 

Cons of using the front loading washing machine

  • Whenever you will put your laundry inside the front loading washing machine, you have to bend. If you do not want to bend frequently then the washing machine may not work well for you. 


  • Front-load washing machines need a lot of maintenance than the top-loading washing machines. 


  • The door of the front loading washing machine gets locked during the cycle. Thus, you cannot put clothes in between a cycle. 


  • Front loading washing machines can go through mold or mildew problem because it happens when the water cannot get evaporated easily.


  • The weight distribution in the tumbler is not regular and that is why these types of washing machines are much more vulnerable to getting damaged for the overloading. 

Top loading washing machines

Top loading washing machines are quite popular and one of the cheapest options for anyone. It has some specific pros and cons which will help you to understand the machine in a better way. 

Pros of using the top-loading washing machine

  • You do not have to bend while putting your laundry inside the washing machine. So if you have back problems then top loading washing machine is best for you. 
  • These are quite cheap and highly efficient. 
  • You will get a variety of models if you search for IFB best washing machine online.  
  • The evaporation of the water is much easier in top-loading machines. If you want your machine to be free from mildew problems, then you should search for the best top loading washing machine. 
  • You can put clothes in between the cycle which is a convenient option for anyone.

Cons of using the top-loading washing machine

  • The twisting mechanism in the top-loading washing machine is not as efficient as the tumbling motion in the front-loading machines.


  • It takes a lot of space inside your house.


  • These washing machines use more energy and water during washing. 


  • The motion inside a top-loading washing machine can be rough. It is not good for sensitive clothes. 


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