Property Styling And Interior Designing: What Is The Difference?

Property Styling

At first glance, the terms “property styling” and “interior designing” might sound the same, mainly because they seem to be similar. However, both these terms have two different meanings.

Yes, that’s right! And not only do they have different definitions, but they also have different purposes, goals, as well as different clienteles!

So, in this quick guide, you will go through all the differences between property styling in Sydney and interior designing to help you get a better idea!

Property Styling

What is the Purpose?

The main reason why people opt for property styling in the city of the Opera House is to help make their home look ready for a sale. This is done by accentuating a home’s best features to help reach its full potential.

In simple words, property styling is giving a home a new style that will sell.

Who Are Property Stylists?

Typically, a property stylist can come up with flexible schemes that will appeal to a target market. These individuals also use specific tips and techniques to make the house appear fantastic to help create a good impression on prospective buyers. Therefore, not only do these stylists choose which furniture, accessories, and colours compliment the house best, but they are also responsible for organising these pieces in their place.  And this way, they will bring a nice flow throughout the house while also making optimal use of space.

Who Does Property Styling Cater To?

Those who usually opt for property styling are real estate agents who wish to sell a property. By working with a property stylist, a real estate agent can increase the price of the house to make selling as easy as a breeze!

Interior Designing

What Is the Purpose?

Interior designing aims to beautify your living space according to your preferences and personality to suit the way you live.

When you opt for interior designing, you will be customising everything from your décor, furniture, layout and colour palette as you want. In simple words, interior designing means transforming your home according to your lifestyle.

Who Are Interior Designers?

Interior designers are professionals who understand your style, aspirations, and personal needs and work towards them. And when you work with an expert interior designer, they will handle everything from furniture, its layout, finishes, colour scheme, etc. and change it according to your preferences and interests.

Not only will they help you make optimal use of your house space, but they will also organise it based on your lifestyle. For instance, if you love hosting parties at your place, the interior designer will come up with exciting ways to make your house more entertaining for your guests.

To Whom Does Interior Designing Cater?

Interior designing can cater to everyone from homeowners to real estate agents as long as they want to upgrade the look and feel of a home.

In addition to this, interior designing can also appeal to builders and property developers who want to elevate the interior space of a site to make it look more professional.

Did you know that the revenue of buying and selling real estate in Australia came up to almost 140 million U.S. dollars? And with such high values, property styling in Sydney also is in high demand. And now that you have read through the differences between the two terms, you can quickly determine which is the right decision for your home!

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