Preparation Strategy for Clearing Board Exams

Board Exams


Board Exams are the first step towards the career a student wants to move forward or pursue ahead in their lives. It is an exam after which students will be going to colleges or universities for attending higher studies which makes it all more important for the students to make their base very clear. It is the results of Board Exams only, which initially reflects a student’s expertise in their academic background or is a perfect indicator of an individual’s academic intelligence.

As there is no magic stick or formula that can help you succeed in this exam, all you need to do is hard work and effective planning. Let’s start discussing the strategy to excel in board exams from the very basic.

Prepare one effective study plan for yourself

The first and foremost thing an individual student should do as they start to prepare for their board exams is to make an effective study plan for them. They should look first at how they want to initiate and how much time they need to prepare well. If a student from the very beginning knows what to study and how to study, one thing which becomes easy is time management.

Also, we advise students who set their targets at their own pace of learning. You must know how many productive hours you can probably devote to your studies and thus plan accordingly.

Setting up unrealistic targets will give you zero benefits. Setting the goal right and intact is more helpful for students to stay motivated throughout as they prepare for the board exam.

One should not leave things for tomorrow or next month; the moment you realize that you need to buck up, it is the time when you have to manage your time and gather all your courage to devote yourself.

Start should be tough

We all know that we are quite ready for everything at the beginning of our preparation as our mind is fresh and ready to receive some complex concepts. Therefore, we would like to encourage students to pick up lengthy and tough topics or chapters at first, where it would take less time for you to prepare it this way because of the fresh mind with which you have just started the preparation.

Being well versed with these tough and important topics will help an individual score much better. If there are any doubts, they should reach out to their teachers with help of mobile teacher app and ensure all their doubts are clarified much in advance. While preparing, they can categorize the chapters as difficult, moderate, and easy and accordingly divide their time.

Work on NCERT’s First, then Go for Various Resources Online

It is rightly said that NCERT should be the first thing you have to start your preparation, whether It is for board exams or any further competition. These NCERTs are enough to build the fundamental concept into your mind, which will make you understand the complex content later.

After you have finished your NCERT’s, go for online materials or practice questions available at various educational or classroom apps. You can easily find the related notes with both NCERT’s concise content and content from the various additional books that students generally prefer after NCERT to understand the subject better and in great depth.

Work on Your Accuracy and Improve Speed

In a paper that runs for around 3 hours, you need to attempt all the questions to score best. But as the board exams themselves are regarded as something essential and huge for career further, it somehow pressurizes students who panic, and their accuracy at answers is affected. Therefore, one must practice as much as they can in their preparation stage only, which will help them improve in speed, accuracy, and confidence.

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