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Netflix is quite possibly the most famous video real time applications there is, and a large number of individuals depend on it to get their fill of motion pictures and TV shows (Error Code M7353-5101).

Be that as it may, in the event that you are a Netflix client you are probably going to see error codes once in a while which can meddle with streaming your substance or even prevent it from playing.

One of those error codes is m7353-5101, which at times shows up after the ‘Challenges, something turned out badly’ message.

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  • What is Error Code m7353-5101?
  • How To Fix Error Code m7353-5101?
  • Fix#1: Restart the PC and Clear Cookies
  • Fix#2: Disable Extensions
  • Fix#3: Try a Different Browser
  • Fix#4: Disable Your Antivirus
  • Fix#5: Update Widevine Decryption Software
  • Fix#6: Disable Your Proxy
  • End
  • What Is Error Code M7353-5101?

In the event that you are utilizing Windows 10 to watch Netflix, the typical guilty party behind this error message is a program expansion which is meddling with Netflix and preventing it from working appropriately.

You may be utilizing an obsolete program, or disapprove of another augmentation or outsider extra. Possibly your VPN or proxy is behind it, or your Firewall or security programming could be at fault for the Netflix error.

How To Fix Error Code M7353-5101?

Following arrangements will assist you with fixing Netflix error code m7353-5101:

Fix#1: Restart The PC And Clear Cookies

This is the principal answer for attempt, when you are certain you are utilizing the most recent variant of your program:

  1. Close down your PC
  2. Restart it
  3. Get out the entirety of your cookies
  4. Sign into Netflix and see whether this fixed the m7353-5101 error

Fix#2: Disable Extensions

Certain augmentations can meddle with Netflix working appropriately, so it’s a smart thought to handicap any superfluous ones to sort out the thing is causing the error. Outsider additional items can likewise cause this kind of impedance.

Possibly you have something running which needs Netflix to download recordings or which abuses the protection strategy or access prerequisites. Netflix utilizes cookies, so perhaps an extra is impeding these.

This is the means by which to cripple the additional items in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Go to the location bar
  3. Type: Chrome:/augmentations
  4. You will see a rundown of augmentations
  5. The ones that can be deactivated will have a switch which is blue whenever empowered or dim if not
  6. Deactivate them individually

There is another error called Netflix 1080p error and this one is known to be brought about by a program add-on, so on the off chance that you are seeing this you need to deactivate the expansions on Chrome (or Firefox assuming you’re utilizing that) and retry Netflix, utilizing the guidelines above.

Fix#3: Try A Different Browser

On the off chance that you have crippled augmentations and additional items yet you are as yet getting the error code m7353-5101 or m7361-1253 errors, it very well may be a smart thought to take a stab at utilizing another program to see whether this fixes the error.

In the event that you have been utilizing Chrome, attempt Firefox or Safari. You can likewise clear cookies and your reserve and retry a similar program.

Fix#4: Disable Your Antivirus

Here and there antivirus projects can influence Netflix.

Take a stab at deactivating your antivirus program or the firewall and afterward restarting the Netflix application to see whether this clears the issue.

Fix#5: Update Widevine Decryption Software

On the off chance that your unscrambling programming is outdated, this can cause various program issues and could be the explanation for the Netflix error.

This is the means by which to refresh Widevine Content Decryption:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Type this in the location bar, at that point press Enter: chrome://parts
  3. Discover the Widevine Content Decryption Module
  4. You will see it recorded on the off chance that you are utilizing an authority rendition of Chrome
  5. Snap on Check for Update
  6. Whenever it has refreshed, restart Chrome
  7. Attempt Netflix once more

Fix#6: Disable Your Proxy

Incapacitating a proxy is the following answer for attempt.

This is the manner by which to do it:

  1. Press the Windows key and R together
  2. Type this and press Enter: inetcpl.cpl
  3. Go to the Connections tab
  4. Snap on LAN settings
  5. The Automatically Detect Settings box ought to be the lone checked box
  6. Snap OK once this is the situation, at that point reboot the PC
  7. Attempt Netflix once more


Ideally one of the above arrangements will fix the error code m7353-5101 on Netflix which a few group get when attempting to stream a film or TV show utilizing their program, either on a Windows PC or a Mac.

On the off chance that you are as yet encountering the error subsequent to attempting the above arrangements, you may need to contact Netflix Customer Support and check whether they have some different answers for you to attempt.

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