How to activate My5 on my5tv/activate from a PC, phone or TV


My5TV provides on-demand videos for free on Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA fiveSELECT, 5STAR and 5ACTION and your top Channel 5 channels. It also has ViacomCBS its twin channels BET as well as Smithsonian Channel, along with BLAZE, PBS America, Real Stories, Together TV and Timeline.

Furthermore you can also access six channels on ViacomCBS The streaming service is Pluto TV. However, to sign up for My5TV by making use of your URL isn’t a simple process for many users. For you to be able to stream anything on My5TV you must first to sign up through my5tv/activate. If you aren’t sure what to do to create an account with My5TV then follow this step-by-step guide to the end, since we’ve explained the exact procedure.

What exactly is My5TV?

A variety of broadcasters have changed their names for their on-demand services, which include Channel 5, Channel 4 and ITV. is a brand-new site that lets users on the internet to keep track of Channel 5 shows, has been launched. It is possible to access information on promotions and programming on

In simpler terms, My5TV is an online video-on demand service that you utilize to stream shows on channels such as Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT, 5ACTION and more. It’s therefore a great choice if you’re looking to watch these shows.

What are the advantages of My5.TV?

There are numerous benefits to using My5TV to view your video content. However, there are some benefits that are in the following manner:

  • Check out your missed shows.
  • Join My5 for no cost to take advantage of longer time-to-rewinds.
  • Enjoy My5 exclusives as well as brand new premieres of shows as well as box sets.
  • Go through their top archive.
  • Start exactly where you were, and maintain a record of your viewing the history.
  • Save your most-loved shows in your Favorites.
  • When you sign up for their monthly newsletters you will be informed about latest releases and special deals.

BLAZE, BET, PBS America, Real Stories, Together TV, Discover film, Timeline, and Timeline provide you with the top monthly content.

Five of Pluto TV’s most popular channels now are available via My5 including Christmas drama, food films, and paranormal.

How do I Sign-Up on my5tv/activate?

Before we begin with the step-by-step instructions for activating the My5TV You will need to sign up for this. But, most people know how to do it but if you aren’t sure about the procedure, you can follow these steps:

For smartphones:

You’ll be asked to sign-in or create an account when you start the App. Your My List screen should appear when you press the button located at on the right side of the application.

  • The next page you can click on next to the Register tab.
  • Complete the form
  • Terms and Conditions should be taken into consideration and read.
  • Click on Register.

my5 sign in on PC:

It’s easy to create an login on my5TV’s website. It is not difficult, all you have to do is to follow a few easy and easy steps. The steps to follow are listed in the following manner:

  • Go to
  • Then, in the upper right corner, select Sign In.
  • If the Register page opens, select it.
  • Complete the form
  • Terms and Conditions should be understood and accepted
  • Then, click Create Account.

As you’ve already registered your account on the My5TV database you’re ready to activate your account. How do you do this? Don’t worry! Read this guide until the very end to learn more about that.

To activate My5 TV Channel on Roku By using my5tv/activate?


It’s a small streaming device that connects to your TV like the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV 4K. They stream content from various OTT platforms (subscription necessary) all in one location. But you can also use My5TV to stream content on the Roku however activating it is difficult. Therefore, you must follow these steps to turn on the My5TV

  • Open the Roku home page once you’ve switched to the Roku device.
  • Within the search bar, enter in MY5 TV, then press enter.
  • Then, select MY5 TV, then select Add channel. Now you’ll notice that your Roku will display My5 TV as the My5 TV channel on the home screen.
  • You will be given an activation code once you open your My5 TV Channel on your Roku. Note it down.
  • To get the verification code For the verification code, visit via your mobile phone or other device, and enter your mobile number or email address.

It is the next thing to do: sign in to MY5 TV. Go to Roku and enter the code that was displayed in the previous screen. Log into your MY5 TV account.

How do I my5tv/activate the Channel for Apple TV

If you own the Apple TV and want to enable My5TV as a My5TV channel, you should follow the instructions below. Check whether these steps are helpful to you:

  • To start, you must open The Apple App Store to the Apple TV.
  • Now , you can look for MY5 TV using the Apple TV and download and install the application.
  • Your TV will display the activation code as well as the steps to activate your MY5 TV after you open the app and sign-in.
  • Use your smartphone or a computer to enable by entering the code.
  • On the next screen you will need to enter the activation code in the provided field and click Continue.
  • The mobile phone number you provide will become required after the activation process is completed.

You can activate the My5 TV Channel for Amazon Fire TV through

If you’re a potential consumer for Amazon Fire TV and want to turn on your My5TV channel in Your Fire TV, then you need to follow these steps in order to accomplish this:

  • Begin by downloading the MY5 TV application on Your Fire TV.
  • After that, launch then the App to your phone, and then navigate into the setting.
  • Then, select the device that you would like to turn on MY5 TV.
  • Once you’ve linked to your Amazon device to the MY5 TV, you can click Connect.

You can activate My5 TV Channel Activate on PS4

To activate My5TV on your PlayStation, you must follow these steps: My5TV PlayStation, you must follow these steps: PlayStation to activate the My5TV, adhere to these guidelines:

  • The first step is to navigate to the PS4’s home screen, and then select Video > TV.
  • It is highly recommended to install MY5 TV onto your device, if you don’t yet have it. You can download the MY5TV App via Playstation’s store. Playstation store.
  • When the TV provider has been chosen and you have been notified, you will receive an activation code.
  • Visit via your mobile, and type in the activation number there.


That’s how you activate My5TV with URL. URL. We hope you’ll find this information useful. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please leave a post a comment below and tell us about it.

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