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Make your Table Memorable with Murano Drinking Glasses.

drinking glasses from Murano

Whenever there is something to celebrate the first type of celebration that comes to mind is probably dinner or lunch with the people we love. Thus, the table becomes the centre of the event, and all the attention is drawn to it. The best way to make it perfect is by setting it with our best tableware, like plates and glasses. For these important moments with family and friends, we want everything to be perfect and nothing can be left to chance. There must be some element that makes the table pop up, something that will make dinner unforgettable, apart from the laughter and the anecdotes. The answer is in the glassware that has the power to transform a boring table into a joyous one.

Glassware is probably one the most popular design items, you can find a series of different glassware for shape, colour, and function. On the table, you can place up to five glasses, one for water, two for red wine, and two for white wine. In addition, to create even more movement on the table you can play with colours and details, or you can choose to stick with one colour and minimalist lines. Generally, we tend to think of glassware as something boring, whose only purpose is containing water or wine or any other served liquid, but it has the power to catch the eye of your guests if you want to, especially if the glassware is made in Murano glass.

The uniqueness of Murano glass can turn everything from boring to eccentric. And this is also the case with drinking glasses. The glassmaking process in Venice and especially in Murano has a long history and tradition. That dates back to at least the 10thcentury, but it probably began way before that period. The Venetians had very close ties with the Middle East. Where the manufacturing of glass was a flourishing activity and from these populations. They learned some techniques which later they improved and perfected till. They made this art a symbol of the city of Venice. The Republic of Venice in the 13th century decided to protect this artistic process with laws and restrictions. On foreign glass and glassworkers. And later the glass-making process was moved from the city of Venice to the Island of Murano. Where all the furnaces are even today.

Authentic Venetian glass can be produced only in Murano by the Murano master glassworkers. Who are the custodian of a thousand-year-old art. The manufacturing of glass is indeed an art that has been handed down from father to son. Generation after generation with no or small changes in the techniques. The tools and the process to create the magnificent glass objects are the same used in the past centuries. The items that come to life thanks to the skillful hands of the master glaziers are unique in every line. They are completely hand-made and there is no object completely identical to another. The one and only Murano glass is made in Murano and can be found only in Venice and Murano shops and e-stores.

red venetian drinking flute glasses

This also applies to glassware, every glass is unique, even when it is part of a glassware set. This particular characteristic of Murano drinking glasses makes them incomparable to other glassware, that nowadays are usually low-cost and made in stock. Moreover, Murano drinking glasses are not only a symbol of tradition and Venetian culture due to their making process. But they are also a perfect choice to make your table modern and special on every occasion.

The sets of Murano Glass Drinking Glasses are the best way to make your table elegant and joyful. Murano drinking glasses have the quality of being the perfect object to carry tradition, history, and elegance on the table. Make it bright, memorable, and unique!

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