Kratom Capsules Vs. Powder – Which Is Better?

Kratom capsules

Kratom has been growing at a steady pace in the market, owing to the happy customers and official tests that are being done on the product. More people are beginning to trust it, and it comes down to one question – kratom capsules vs powder. While both have their unique perks, it’s essential to understand the benefits of both to know what fits you the best.

User testimonials claim many important benefits that have improved the users’ lives. The wonder compound is said to manage users’ moods, give a boost of energy, and help in relieving mild to chronic pain. So in an ultimate comparison, which form of consumption wins?


Kratom capsules are essentially made from kratom powder, which is in turn made with dried and crushed kratom leaves that grow in forests or farms. They have a gelatin casing that is tasteless, which does not manipulate the effects of kratom in the slightest. Some people prefer to take capsules for a plethora of reasons, which are talked about thoroughly below.

Good For Beginners

If you or someone you know is trying kratom for the first time or is trying to hop on the trend, capsules are the best way to go. This is because of the low concentrations of kratom in capsules in comparison to powder which is much more potent. While potent kratom is what some users want, others might face unpleasant side effects or have overwhelming effects while using the powder. So if you are unsure about where to begin, capsules might be the right place to start.


Kratom is known to have a signature taste and smell to it. While some people enjoy the fragrance and the intense flavor, for most, it might be challenging to adapt to the intense herbal ting. Because of the tasteless gelatin encasing, you won’t have to worry about the taste or the smell of the compound since it can be easily washed down with liquid of choice.


Other forms of consuming kratom can involve having to explain what you take and why, which might not be something you want to do. The good thing about kratom capsules is that you can take them anytime, anywhere, and in front of whoever you want without explaining much.


More than any other aspect, some people might just prioritize convenience over everything else. That is unmatched with kratom capsules. Getting the wonderful effects of kratom can be as simple as popping a pill with a glass of water.

How To Take Them

When it comes to kratom, it can be difficult to measure the dosage. Every capsule brand always mentions the amount in each capsule, making it easier for people to watch their intake. If a specific dosage doesn’t work for you, whether it be too much or too little, you can invest in other brands that have the percentage that fits you the best.



The powdered form of kratom is just the dried and crushed kratom leaves. This is an excellent alternative for people who don’t like to smoke the leaves but still want the potency that it can offer.


As mentioned before, kratom in its powdered form is extremely potent and suitable for seasoned users. It can work especially well for people who are dealing with mild to chronic pain. Most people end up shifting to powder as they get more comfortable with the dosage. If you get accustomed to higher doses, the beneficial effects of kratom will also begin to shine through better.


Being in powder form, you will be able to consume it in various creative ways. You could brew it with tea, mix it into a beverage of choice and even add it to your food. This can be achieved without much mixing or even heat as it dissolves in water well. There is also an infamous method that most people follow. It is the toss and wash method, which means literally what it sounds like. This method helps with not having to deal with the unpleasant taste of kratom.

How To Take It?

Unlike with capsules, consuming powder needs a bit of experimenting and eyeballing. Unlike capsules which leave little space to personalize your dosage according to your needs, you can use powder greatly to your advantage. If you need a little energy boost or feel lethargic, a small amount will be enough. This will make sure you are alert and help clear mental fog, which can make you feel motivated and ready for the day.

Instead, if you are trying to relieve pain or get a good night’s sleep, you will need a higher dosage. Here, a small amount will only stimulate you. A larger amount (albeit not too much) will gently sedate you, which helps both pains and can relax you enough to doze you off. This is an incredibly effective way to deal with pain if it is intense enough to disrupt your sleeping cycle. Good quality kratom will also help you wake up feeling refreshed and keep away feelings of grogginess.

Which Is The Best?

While it can be challenging to assign a superior form of consumption as both forms have their special benefits, to decide you should see what fits you and your lifestyle the best. You can do this by keeping the contents of this article in mind and having a deeper understanding of what you are trying to achieve by using kratom – that means dosage, convenience, and plain preference. It’s good to try out both and see for yourself.


Kratom is such a beloved product that its enthusiasts aren’t ready to let go of. This is because it has helped transform the lives of many vocal users who like to spread information about the positive influence the compound has had on them. But keeping that in mind, you should also do your homework and understand the side-effects of the product before jumping in. Backed-up research is still being conducted, and it should be treated with caution. As long as you keep your doctor in the loop about your consumption, your kratom journey will be pleasant and effective.


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