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What is Kahoot?

A Kahoot (or collection of questions) is a set of questions that focuses on a specific topic. This is often created by students, teachers, and business people. The resulting collection of questions is then presented in real-time to large numbers of people, creating a game-like atmosphere. There are no limits to how many questions can be asked. Each question can be associated to a picture, a video, or 2 to 4 multiple-choice answers. At least one correct answer is required. More than one option can also be selected. You can also set the time limit of each question to between 2 seconds and 2 minutes.

How to Create Kahoot

Create Kahoot

Step 1: To begin with creating Kahoot, you will have to first go to the Kahoot’s website which is

Step 2: After the website loads, click the “Create” option. Next, you’ll be asked to sign in or log in. You will be asked to create a profile, then log in.

Step 3: After you log in, you’ll see a option that says ‘New Kahoot or Gets Kahoot! To begin, click on this option. Next, choose the type of Kahoot that you want to create. There are three options: a survey, quiz, or discussion.

Step 4: Once you have chosen the type, enter the title of your project. Next, add questions. The next step is to add a question and a list of answers.

Step 5: Once you have completed a question, tap on the “Add Questions” option to add more questions. After you’re done adding questions, tap on the “Save & continue” option. Input the settings, then tap on “Save & Proceed”. To end the creation process, click on the “Done” option and add a cover picture.

Step 6: Click on the “Play” option to launch the Kahoot. Select the questions you wish to answer and then click the “Start” button. Once the game is launched, you will see a game pin. Log in to your account, then enter your nickname and game pin. The session ends with the results based on which Kahoot they used.

Step 7: If the Kahoot was a quiz it will generate results in the form a bar graph. Specific points are also awarded based upon the speed and accuracy of each question’s responses. If the Kahoot was an online discussion or survey, it will return a graph, but no points will be awarded like a quiz.

Hacking is possible for almost everything on the internet. There is an easy trick that you can use to create as many bots as you like for your Kahoot.

To create Kahoot, there are a few things you should do. Let’s take a look. These steps will spam or create Kahoots by adding many bots to any Kahoot that you choose.

Step 1: Copy and paste the Kahoot game pin that you wish to spam or create.

Step 2: Then go to this website

Step 3: Enter the game pin you copied, the nickname, and the number of bots that you wish in the text boxes.

Step 4: Make sure you check the “I’m Not a Robot” box.

Step 5: Next, click on the button below that says “Flood”.

Step 6: Next, return to Kahoot and you’ll see that bots equal to your entered number will be added.

Step 7: Open Kahoot, and you’ll see that the bots answer the questions.

Kahoot Cheats & Codes 2022

You can see that many websites are ranked with catchy Headlines such as “Get Kahoot Codes, Cheats” and then when you open those sites that claim Kahoot Winner Bots codess, etc. You found nothing in the site. According to our research, we are not supposed to offer any Kahoot. Hacks, cheats and codes. You should play Kahoot smartly right now!

PIN for Kahoot Game

There are no Kahoot Game Pins. We are working on cracking those. We found them and will soon post the Kahoot Game Pin!

Wrap up: Kahoot point Stealer

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