Is Your Room Air Conditioning Ready?

Air Conditioning

Before purchasing the air conditioning unit, you should make your room ready for installation. The air conditioner installation phoenix can guide you through the steps to be followed to make your room ready for the air conditioning.

Assess the Current Situation:

Before installing the air conditioner, you should assess the current situation with the investment, fuel, and the furnace. The duct system and the furnace should be checked appropriately. The ducts and the ductless systems can go well with the room’s air conditioning. 

If natural gas is used as the heating fuel, an air conditioning unit can be easily attached to the existing system. This will help reduce the installation costs and save you a lot of time. If you are using expensive heating fuel like propane, oil, or electricity, the entire system is to be converted to a ductless heat pump, and your cost will also increase in this case.

Check the outdoor equipment:

Ensure that there are no blockages and clean the entire area outside the unit. As the panels are used for enclosing the electrical connections, you should check whether any panels are missed or not. The air conditioner installation phoenix can help you with the process of checking the outdoor equipment before the installation of the air conditioning unit. 

The refrigerant should also be checked whether they are properly insulated or not. Also, check whether there is any damage to the outside electrical wiring or not. You can take professional help if you find any wear or damage of the same.

Diagnose your Readiness Status:

To make your room ready for air conditioning, you can take professional help and diagnose your status. You need to check whether 

  1. The sunlight comes through which side direction and where the windows are situated
  2. Attic condition 
  3. Heat gain of the home
  4. Any air leakage problem
  5. Amount of insulation in crawl space, attic, and walls
  6. Any leaky ducts that can be used effectively

Check the new unit:

You should check the new air conditioning unit after the installation. The power back mode is to be kept on for the condenser unit.

You can turn on the condenser by doing the following steps.

  1. Switch off the thermostat
  2. The power should be turned on for the main panel and the disconnect box
  3. The thermostat is to be turned to cool mode.

The air handler or the furnace blower can dehumidify the rooms through the ducts. But all these checking activities need to be done by professionals only.

On a hot summer day, the last thing you will want is that you turn on the air conditioner and it does not work. So if you are turning on the air conditioning after a year, it should be thoroughly checked about readiness. The air conditioner installation phoenix can guide you throughout the process of checking. If you are installing a new air conditioner, the readiness of the room also needs to be checked before the installation.


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