Is Gambling so Popular in 2022?

Is Gambling so Popular

2022 is fast approaching and people are already making plans for the year. 2021 had its challenges, some of which many would like to forget while others will look always look back and reminisce on the success that they made during this year. Gambling recorded mixed fortunes, it was the year the industry embraced emerging technologies to make great strides and at the same time felt the effects of a pandemic.

At Mightytips, Kate Richardson, one of the online sports betting experts sees 2021 as the year when the gambling industry made great strides. Major trustly betting markets such as the United States, Canada among others saw a change of laws which are expected to make punters have a great experience in 2022. Kate Richardson has carried out a comprehensive analysis on online gambling sites Canada where she has identified the best gambling sites in the jurisdiction as well as other countries.

This information is useful to bettors who are interested in wagering in Canada, its comprehensiveness, relevance, and accuracy make online gambling in France, Canada, and other countries where Mightytips is present such a great experience.

How will 2022 turn out?

The unpredictable events of 2021 have many people wondering how 2022 will be. Despite the challenges that many faced during the year, they are still hopeful that 2022 will bring good tidings. It is expected that the gambling trends that were seen in 2021 will continue at least in the first few months of the New Year with some predicted to last even beyond 2022. The following will continue to dominate the year:

  • Cryptocurrencies and more so Bitcoin gambling
  • Virtual reality,
  • E-sports,
  • Live streaming,
  • Internet of things.
  • And the new kid on the block -Metaverse,

These and many other trends will influence how gambling is done and perhaps change the space for good.

Mobile betting

Mobile will continue to be a vital component in the gambling industry with its usage accounting for almost ninety percent of all the bets that will be placed in the year. Gambling will continue growing and prospects are already showing that 2022 will be one of the best years in recent times. The popularity of gambling will not be comparable to any in the past few years.

Mightytips has been making predictions on several sporting events and they have been right in a majority of the situation. When Kate Richardson predicts a great experience for bettors in 2022 we are inclined to believe based on the past successful events that she has gotten right. If you want to know more about the sports predictions that she has made in the past visit Mightytips and navigate through her various published post as well as her profile.

Rosy picture

It is not only at Mightytips that a great year is projected, a report titled Gambling: Global market opportunity and strategies for 2022 has projections of both online and offline gambling surpassing $ 565 billion in the year. This will be an improvement of approximately six percent.

The number of bets is also expected to grow with similar margins especially in countries where gambling has been newly regulated such as Canada. It is expected that online gambling stocks will see upward trajectories in these jurisdictions more so due to confidence that betting players will have built with the bookmakers. Online gambling stocks have been on the rise especially with several jurisdictions stumping their authority to curb illegal betting.

Online gambling sites Canada as well as in other countries where laws have been relaxed are now free to venture into these areas. Previously, online gambling sites had shied away from these markets due to a hostile regulatory environment. With the changes which were to come to effect on 27th August, bookmakers who could not have been allowed in the country are now attracting huge numbers. It is expected that 2022 will see the numbers increase further as more punters will be aware of the changes.

Juniper’s research puts even a rosier picture of 2022, it predicts that the total value of revenue that will be higher in tunes of $ 112 billion. This may be a highly ambitious figure but it is achievable given the trajectory of growth in online betting.

Payment methods

The popularity of gambling in 2022 will also be driven by the experience presented by new payment methods. The convenience and the security offered by these methods make them popular among bettors who are keen on safeguarding their privacy. Bitcoin gambling and other crypto digital wallets require a number of security layers before the money is released in the user’s account, this gives confidence that money cannot be lost.

The low fee transactions, as well as the welcome bonus that are offered by gambling in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other markets, will also be a huge attraction, increasing the traffic patronizing these sites. When coupled with mobile experience, 2022 is ripe with new trends already and bettors cannot wait to test the good tidings that will be on offer.

Gambling in 2022 is expected to grow both in terms of numbers and also finances. Already the numbers are growing fast especially after a mixed year. Online gambling stocks are on the rise, best gambling sites are recording huge traffic, and there is no doubt about the popularity of the industry in 2022.



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