Is Continental Rummy And International Rummy Same? Read To Know About It

Continental Rummy And International Rummy

Playing card games is something everybody does in their free time. Those were the good olden days when we used to go to our friend’s, cousins’ houses to play games together and have fun but today, keeping the coronavirus in mind, it has become difficult for us to go and play with our friends, family, colleagues, etc. People are stuck in their houses. But, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. Technology has grown up so fast that today you play games online just by sitting at your home. You can even connect with people all across the world, make new friends or play with your existing friends online and have fun.

Rummy is one of the most popular card games played throughout the world. Rummy is a game played in almost every region of our country. People enjoy playing rummy so much that even after coming back tired from their work they take out time from their schedules to play rummy. People play the game in online mode and popular platforms like GetMega offer the game with an amazing interface and challenging rounds. Also, on Getmega, people can win huge cash rewards as well.

There are so many types of rummy like- gin rummy, continental rummy, canasta rummy, etc. Let us know about a very popular type of rummy i.e continental rummy.

What is Continental Rummy? 

Continental rummy is a type of rummy played throughout the world. It is a contract rummy played with a series of seven rounds. In each round, players have to make valid sequences and sets. Here, players have to form a specific amount of trios i.e. set of three cards and run i.e. a sequence of four or more than four cards of the same suit. In this way, one round comes to an end.

Is Continental Rummy And International Rummy Same?

Yes, Continental Rummy and International rummy are the same. These are the two different names of the same game. Many people are confused about this. Many people also think that these are two different types of Rummy Games but they are not. International rummy is another name given to continental rummy.

In some parts of the world, this game is known as Continental rummy whereas in the other part it is known as International rummy.

How is Continental or International rummy played? 

  1. To play this game, you need 2 decks of cards including two jokers. So, proper shuffling of the cards is required and each player has to choose one card from the deck.
  2. The player with the lowest card gets the chance to deal first. And that player shuffles the deck of cards once again and then deals and once all the cards are dealt by all the players the rest of the deck of cards is to be kept in the middle of the table.
  3. During your turn, you need to make sure you form the right combination of cards. If there is no possible combination, you can drop the card.
  4. The objective of continental rummy is to make your cards with the lowest score. So, players should focus on drawing and discarding cards; keeping in mind that they have to make their cards score the lowest.
  5. Once all seven rounds are done, the player with the lowest score wins the game.

Tips to play continental rummy? 

  • Get rid of high point cards – A player should focus on discarding the cards of higher points. The aim of the game is to make trios or runs of the lowest points.
  • Know the pattern of sequence- A good player is one who focuses on the pattern of sequence. While playing card games, it is very necessary for one to make a proper pattern of sequences.
  • Get the pure sequence – Making a pure sequence is a necessary thing. To win the game, one needs to have at least one pure sequence.
  • Hold on to your middle cards – This is a very good trick one can use to win the game easily. You should always focus on keeping the middle cards on hold. you should avoid discarding these cards.


Rummy is one of the most popular games played throughout the country. It’s a very easy and fun going activity for people. And it is a healthy dose of challenges that will make you feel happy and relieve your daily stress. As previously mentioned, rummy is of various types. But, let us talk more specifically about continental rummy or international rummy. It is known as continental rummy because it originated from continental Europe. They are various online rummy sites that offer you continental rummy and one of these sites is Getmega. It is an online gaming platform, which offers you cash rewards while playing games on it. So, what are you waiting for? Go on Getmega and enjoy playing your favorite games and earn money out of it.


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