Is 3D Animation a Good Career in 2023?

3D Animation

Those who have worked in a 3D animation studio for at least a few years know the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. It is not just about creating new designs; it is about ensuring that they work to the highest standards to satisfy customers. It is also about making sure that they are providing excellent customer service. This is all part of a career that should have a good outlook for the next few years.

Education Requirements

Those interested in a career as an animator can choose from several different degree programs. These programs are designed to help aspiring animators develop their artistic skills while learning the technical proficiencies needed to succeed in the field. Some schools offer programs for traditional artists, while others focus on specialized degrees like graphic design, 3D art, and animation.

The art and design department at North Carolina State University College of Design offers animation and visual effects programs. Students can also pursue a 15-credit Art + Design Minor. The school is also home to the Animation Students League of Northridge, which provides networking opportunities for animation students.

The Digital Media program at UConn prepares students for positions in digital media. They will learn to make videos, animation, games, and AR/VR projects. The faculty is also experienced in the areas of television and film production.

Job Outlook

Animators and other multimedia artists have a good job outlook in the coming decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of these professionals will increase by about 8% over the next eight years.

This growth will help to meet the demand for visual effects, computer animation, and other CG-related industries. There are also additional opportunities in the field, including e-learning, advertising, video game design, and web animation. Animators and other multimedia artists must expand their skills to accommodate this growing demand.

The BLS predicts that animators’ fastest-growing career opportunities will be in the film, television, and video games industries. These industries are expected to create nearly 7800 openings per year through the end of the decade.

Common Specializations

Getting into the 3D animation industry is one of the most rewarding career options. Not only does it require artistic abilities and a creative mind, but it offers an abundance of opportunities. In fact, it is estimated that 68.3k people will be employed in the field by 2024.

An animator will create realistic, moving characters, landscapes, and other scenes. Their work can involve working on video games, movies, or e-commerce websites. Their skills can also be used for VFX creation. They will work with a team to translate art into computer code.

Those with a degree in animation can pursue jobs in various areas. They can work on visual effects, product modeling, color correction, and post-production. They can also work on a freelance basis.

Time Management Skills

Creating and producing 3D animations involves meticulous attention to detail. Strong problem-solving skills are essential to handle challenges and keep projects on track.

Being able to set goals is also a key component of time management. You need to understand the importance of each task, evaluate it, and then prioritize it. This way, you’ll be able to complete your work on time.

Managing stress is also essential for successful time management. Being positive is a great way to keep motivated and reduce stress. Other strategies include meditation, extra sleep, and physical exercise.

A strong portfolio is an excellent way to demonstrate your artistry and technical skills. You can post it on your website or professional networking platforms. This can influence your employer’s hiring decision.

Earning Potential

Animators are responsible for designing realistic three-dimensional animations for moving pictures, landscapes, and even video games. Many specialists work on a freelance basis or are self-employed. Some work for major movie studios, while others are employed by companies specializing in creating video games or multimedia projects.

Aside from the many job opportunities available, many factors can influence a specialist’s earnings. A master’s degree in animation, for example, is an excellent way to improve your chances of landing a coveted position. In addition, certifications can boost your overall pay grade and job responsibilities. Likewise, the most advanced computer software tools will enable you to create more realistic special effects.


The best way to know whether you are making the most of your potential in the animation field is to get your hands on a solid portfolio. When applying for jobs after college, display a robust portfolio of your work. You can also publish a blog describing your work process. This will demonstrate your expertise and earn you some positive feedback.


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