Importance Of Radiology Information System & PACS Software In Healthcare

The Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) are the two most advanced and revolutionary advancements in the healthcare industry. While they’re being used by global healthcare practitioners and the demand is increasing, many still lack access to it, due to which there is a lot of confusion and a lack of knowledge. To help make better decisions and serve patients with the best, we bring to you this detailed blog that talks about the importance of RIS and PACS software.

Benefits of Radiology Information Systems

Better Material Management

One of the best reasons behind the growing popularity of RIS systems is that they are great at material management, making it easier for healthcare professionals to save time. Manual material management is also prone to human errors, which are eliminated when you are using the RIS system. With a computerized system, your staff can have a glance at what needs to be ordered immediately and where you have surplus supplies. This also gives you better control over your budget.

Improves Efficiency

As a healthcare service provider, it is important to ensure maintain an efficient facility so you can better focus on patient care. With the help of a well-designed radiology information system, it becomes easier to eliminate the potential redundancies found in the registration process of new patients. For example, they can simply put the data once and it will be used automatically in the future. This will also save a lot of their time as well as boost their morale. At the same time, a RIS system helps make scheduling much easier since your staff will have access to your schedule.

Fewer Data Entry Mistakes

Human errors are very common when things are performed manually. This is the reason that many healthcare facilities are moving to automation. Similar is the case with the RIS system which will help eliminate data entry mistakes because it takes fewer keystrokes to enter data. The RIS system will have various templates in place to ensure that no critical information is before they proceed to the next screen.

Saves Money

We know that when advanced technology is introduced to a system, it results in saving a lot of time. Whether it’s automating invoice management or patient data management, technology makes life a lot easier by saving much time. A great benefit that the RIS system offers to managers and owners of a radiology practice is that it helps save time because your employees take less time to enter the data, but there are very few chances of mistakes because they are much less likely to make them.

More Accurate Diagnoses

As a healthcare professional, when you have access to the detailed medical history of a patient as well as other required information, it becomes easier to provide the best possible treatment or diagnosis. As a result, it becomes possible to ensure improvement in the statistics you gather on patient positive outcomes for the year.

Benefits of PACS Software

Enhanced Analysis & Viewing – It is an advanced solution that allows healthcare professionals to easily and quickly share Pacs medical imaging. And that’s, no doubt, the biggest benefit of using this technology, which allows technologists and physicians to take a closer look at study images as well as share the same with others. Most of the PACS software systems come with the following tools for a better image viewing experience: Brightness/Contrast Level Adjustment, Zoom and Pan, Rotate and Flip, Measurement, etc. The goal is to help make healthcare services a better option for patients.

Improved Data Management

Global healthcare professionals and radiologists are using the PACS systems due to their significant benefits, one of which is the ability to ensure better data management. It’s not like the traditional DICOM viewers, but it comes with the ability to retrieve and view images associated with a given patient’s record. The integration of cloud technology can help enhance the experience by allowing the users to log in to their PACS in the browser, view images stored in PACS, and even retrieve images from VNA.

Unmatched Mobility

We know that technology can help make things easier for everyone. Similar is the case with PACS software systems, which are aimed to help make things easier and more accessible to healthcare professionals by allowing access to patient images and reports without the hassle. With the help of PACS, it becomes easier for them to perform tests almost anywhere as well as share the results with other facilities electronically. No more need to take a printout of the reports as they can be simply sent to the healthcare professionals electronically as well as to the patients for their records.

User-Friendly Reporting – Lastly, a great benefit of using the PACS software system is that it allows doctors as well as other staff members at the clinics to have access to the user-friendly reporting system as this software comes with a structured reporting component, which works out of the box with 90% of the functionality designed to meet your needs. As a result, it becomes possible to ensure faster implementation, thus more effective reporting.

Final Words

Now that you know the amazing benefits offered by RIS and PACS software systems, it is time to make the right decision and start making them part of your healthcare services. Remember that most healthcare professionals across the world have already gone digital with the access to latest technology. If you’re not going to implement the technology, you’re going to be out of the league. This can make a significant impact on your business as well as revenue. So, make sure to add advanced technology to your healthcare facility operations to serve your patients with the best and most-accurate treatment options available.

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