Huawei Band 6: What Makes It A Great Fitness Tracker?

Huawei Band 6

Purchasing the right fitness tracker isn’t that easy, with too many brands offering these products. Well, it pays to explore the design and performance of the Huawei Band 6 that has stormed into the market. Backed by a bunch of powerful features, it supports easy pairing with smartphones and enables data syncing. Whether you are exercising or swimming, the smart accessory can keep a track of the calories you burn.

Let’s take a look at the factors that make this an excellent option for you to go for.

Display and design

  • Well, you might be wondering about the price difference between Huawei Band 6 and other models of its class. The answer lies in its elegant design and simple display. Even though the manufacturer has made a polymer body, you will get a metal finish in this product. This enhances the visual appeal of the fitness band.
  • At the bottom, you have a matte finish that contains the connectors and sensors. A single button on the right serves the purpose of both the power and back buttons.
  • A soft silicone material has been used to make the rubber band, and it appears to be the perfect choice for fitness trackers. When you put on the fitness tracker, you would love the soft feel that you get on your wrist.
  • The rubber band also does not accumulate dust or result in sweating excessively. However, the straps in the fitness tracker cannot be changed, as they remain fixed.
  • This fitness tracker has an AMOLED display of 1.45 inches with 194 by 368 pixels resolution. This resolution is not apparently too high. However, it produces an impressive display with adequate brightness.
  • One would also like the responsive touch panel, which responds quickly to perform the necessary tasks.

Software and performance

  • The Band 6 comes with a snappy and fast onboard software. So, users don’t experience lags when they put on this fitness band. The user interface and layout look appealing to the users.
  • The operating system is basic, and comes with plenty of features and options. It is easy for the users to navigate through the different options present on the menu.
  • There is an option for quick toggle as well, that helps the users to switch to the desired functions. These include sleep mode, not turning the screen for 5 minutes, and vibration toggle.
  • A single push of the side button would enable one to access the fitness options. With this feature, it is easy to check all the features and apps including the fitness and workout modes.
  • On integrating the fitness band with an Android phone, you can get a seamless experience. All the functions like notifications, missed call alerts, and call alerts work perfectly. Particularly, you might like the music control feature on this device.
  • The device has Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, and the signal is pretty good. Altogether, it shows a great performance considering the software.

Workout and fitness modes

  • There are as many as 96 workout modes in the Huawei Band 6. Among these, you have 11 professional modes.
  • Some of these modes include indoor running, cycling, outdoor running, rope skipping, and several more personalized modes. These encompass dance, ball games, fitness, and much more.
  • The automatic detection feature works well in the device, and functions with around 90% accuracy. Besides, the fitness band has a professional exercise algorithm from Huawei, called TruSport. This evaluates the exercise activities of the users based on data related to heart rate and other parameters.

Apart from these impressive features the fitness band has a good battery backup for 14 days. Considering these features, it would be wise to go for the purchase. The premium fitness band would be worth your money.

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