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PDF Password Remover

The best free PDF password remover in 2022 is none other than aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. It is one click PDF decryption tool for both Windows and Mac. With a hustle free approach, you can easily decrypt any PDF file and can make your daily document handling relatively easy. Whether you are a student struggling with research work or are an office employee who is stuck with encrypted PDF files, aJoysoft is your ultimate reliever. You will find it as your ideal toolkit, as it will cater to you with a variety of options and features. You will see how efficiently it will manage all your decryption tasks and take your daily tasking to an upgraded, hassle-free level. Without wasting your time and energy anymore, get this excellent tool for yourself and become carefree for any time of decryption tasks.

The Introduction of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

By using aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, you can effortlessly remove PDF Password. It is a one-click PDF password remover tool that will unlock all restrictions from the PDF. It is a professional PDF security tool that will help you in decrypting the master password or owner’s restriction from a PDF file.

You don’t need to know the password to remove an owner password. And as long as the open password is known, it can be used to remove encryption from PDFs that are locked with an open password or a user password. It has multiple distinguishing features that add more to the user experience and the tool’s reliability.

Features of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

Among the different features of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, some of the prominent ones are discussed below:

  • Easy decryption method
  • Permanent decryption of user password
  • Batch processing
  • No file size limitations
  • More secure and reliable
  1. Easy decryption method:

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover offers you a quick and short method to remove permissions or passwords from a PDF file without knowing the password. You can complete the decryption within a few clicks. Once you have successfully decrypted the PDF file, you can easily edit, copy, or print the data from the PDF file. Hence, you can unlock PDF permissions without knowing the password.

  1. Permanent decryption of user password

In the case of an open password encrypted file, you can permanently decrypt the file by entering the password once. Once the PDF file is decrypted successfully, you can access the data and copy, edit, or print it easily.

  1. Batch processing

It not only works effectively but also processes quite quickly. The batch processing option enables you to decrypt multiple PDF files in a single click. You can upload all the PDF files and then start the decryption with a single click. It will save your time and help you manage bulk work quite effectively.

  1. No file size limitations

Another great perk that you will enjoy using aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is the open choice for file size. Unlike other tools, this tool does not limit file size. You can decrypt any PDF file regardless of the size.

  1. More secure and reliable

The most important and the most demanded thing is document security and data privacy. There are many online web based tools available from where you can remove passwords from PDF files, but there is a risk to your data privacy. On the contrary, aJoysoft PDF Password Remover offers you complete security of your PDF files and ensures data privacy. Moreover, once you have decrypted the PDF file, you can remove it from the list as well by simply selecting the file and clicking on “Remove.”

Apart from the features listed above, there are many other features as well that you can enjoy while using aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for decrypting PDF files.

The user guide or the steps involved in removing passwords or restrictions from a PDF file using aJoysoft PDF Password Remover are relatively short and easy. You do not need to learn any technical details for using this tool. All you need to do is, follow the below listed steps carefully, and you will end you decrypting your PDF file successfully.

How to Unlock PDF Files

The steps to use aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for the decryption of PDF passwords are:

  • Step 1: Import or Add Files
  • Step 2: Start the Decryption Process
  • Step 3: Save the Decrypted File

Step 1: Import or Add Files

To begin with the decryption of a password protected PDF file, you need to upload the file. To upload the PDF click the “Add Files” icon. A window will pop up from where you can select the desired PDF file and upload it or drag and drop the desired PDF. You can upload as many PDF files as you want for batch decryption.

Step 2: Start the Decryption Process

Once you have successfully uploaded all the PDF files for the password removal, now you can start the decryption process. Select the “Remove Password” to start decryption. Within a short time, aJoysoft will remove all security restrictions from uploaded files.

Take note of one thing here: you have to enter the Open password if a file is locked for viewing with an Open or User Password.

Step 3: Save the Decrypted File

In the end, you can save the decrypted file. You can save the files to the desired target location. And now, you can easily use the decrypted PDF for copy, editing, or printing.


aJoysoft is the best free PDF password remover in 2022. You can easily manage multiple PDF decryption tasks efficiently and quickly. With a hustle free approach, it is an all in one option for your daily tasking. It will save your time and energy and will help you in leveling up at your work place. You should try it and explore more of its features. You can also recommend it to your friends in need. So, stop wasting your time on different tools every second day and start using aJoysoft PDF Password Remover and make your daily tasking easy and convenient.

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