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How to Rectify the Essay Writing ERRORS to Produce the Best Content?

Essay Writing ERRORS

Essays are a part of every student’s life; this is something which is obvious. But, one thing that students face and can be exempted is, struggling to produce the best content for essay without any errors.

You may have probably read or heard the essay writing methods,but you may hesitate to tell anyone because you are not sure about the errors you have made or failed to follow the university guidelines. It could be because you haven’t had any professors or experts to help you identify every single part of your essay until now.

Yes, with the proper assistance from the best essay writing service UK, you can learn about the errors and how to rectify them. And you will be amazed to know that this article is a one-stop solution to all your essay writing worries. Curious to know more about this? Let’s begin with finding out the common errors  students make while essay writing:

Error 1: Lack of Evidence to Support the Included Arguments

Along with including too many topics, students also begin the essay writing without conducting effective research to prove the included arguments. It happens because of the lack of evidence, which can easily be extracted with the help of your research skills.

Rectification: The best way to prove every included argument is simply by doing rigorous research and gathering all the information altogether. When proper research is done, it will automatically increase the students’ chances of scoring an A+ grade.

Error 2: Comma, Splices, and Run-on Sentences

One of the most basic yet serious errors students make in essay writing is the grammatical errors. It is mostly related to the comma splices and run-on sentences. According to professors, when students leave mistakes related to grammar in their documents, they are more likely to get bad grades, or even sometimes face rejection as well.

Rectification: When writing an essay, always make sure that all grammatical rules are properly adhered to and no mistakes like comma, splices, and run-on sentences are left uncorrected. To attain perfection, students must read their content aloud at least twice before handing it over to the professor.

Error 3: Using Passive Voice

Besides the grammatical errors, one may also have the habit of writing sentences in the passive voice. Sudents need to understand that passive voice weakens the meaning of the words that they are supposed to deliver right before the professor. Moreover, it often serves as the negative aspect of the whole content.

Rectification:  Always try to change passive voice to active. This can be done by recognizing the subject with the help of the tense of the verb. Doing this will increase the students’ chances of making the content engaging and certainly impressing their professor as well.

Error 4: Submission Without Editing & Proofreading

Submitting the essay without doing editing and proofreading is not considered an error but a blunder. It might result in rejection because professors always expect students to edit and proofread their documents before the final submission.


Whenever students are about to submit their document, they should always make sure to identify the mistakes related to grammar and check all the points they have planned to include in the essay. In simple words, do not submit the draft without editing and proofreading.

After knowing all the errors and ways to rectify them, it is believed that the students will now be able to eliminate all these mistakes from their draft effectively and score an A+ easily. And, in case there is any error left behind, do not worry and consider taking assistance from peers, professors or professionals.

So, these are the four common errors students are more prone to make during their essay writing tasks. But, these can be avoided if the students follow the right steps from the beginning itself. Yes, here are a few essay writing steps students must follow that can help them avoid mistakes:

Step 1: Do thorough research on topic to avoid factual mistakes

Step 2: Read the instructions properly and follow all guidelines to avoid instructional mistakes

Step_3: Structure your essay clearly and get the outline approved before writing to ensure there is no structural mistake

Step 4: Write from scratch and refer to multiple sources instead of one to ensure there is no plagiarism error

Step 5: Edit and proofread the essay and get it done by your friend as well to avoid grammatical mistakes.

If a student follows these five simple yet crucial steps, he can easily avoid mistakes in the first place. This is a secret that toppers and experts follow that gets them the obvious high scores. So, now you know how to bag that top grade in your next essay; All the Best! Happy Essay Writing!

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Sofia Nguyen is a professional essay writer at Global Assignment Help, who has been providing the best essay writing service in UK. He loves helping students in drafting their academic essays on interesting and complex topics with utmost perfection. In his free time, he can be found with his head in books on sociology, psychology and economics.

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