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Plinko is enjoying a surge in popularity as more and more casino players are enjoying the game at crypto casinos.

Plinko is a fun, totally random game of chance that offers players the opportunity for big wins. But what is it, and how do you play it?

Plinko Basics

The game of Plinko is basically a reverse game of pinball, the game we are sure many of you have played at some time.

In Plinko, a small ball is released down rows of pins set up in a triangle shape with the fewest at the top and the most pins at the bottom.

The small ball falls randomly through the pins until it settles in a pocket at the bottom. Each pocket has been pre-assigned a multiplier value.

The pockets at the end of the triangle are harder for the ball to fall in, so they have higher multipliers, while the ones in the middle have smaller multipliers.

Playing Plinko

Before you play, you choose your stake. At most crypto casinos, you can bet pretty much what you want.

You can also choose the difficulty level. Most games have three standard settings – low, medium, and high.

These levels relate to how many rows of pins you have in the game. The highest number we have seen is 16 rows at Stake Casino. This means you are playing on a grid with 168 pins in total.

When you have chosen the risk level and stake you want to play at, hit either Bet or Play and watch as the ball falls at random through the pins until it reaches the bottom.

When the ball lands in a pocket, you are paid out at whatever the multiplier for the pocket was. So, if you bet 25 Ripple and the ball landed in the 2X multiplier, you’d receive 50 Ripple back.

How much can you win at Plinko?

The best thing about Plinko is that most crypto casinos have their own versions of the game. So you can enjoy different themes, animations, risk levels, and multipliers.

Stake, BetFury and BitStarz have the largest multipliers we have seen at 1,000X. To play for this multiplier, you have to choose the hardest settings.

Some casinos also offer unique jackpot games when players play Plinko. For example, at BetFury, you need to collect all the letters PLINKO by landing the balls in pockets that are assigned a letter.

Plinko Strategy

Plinko is a random game with no skill involved. Therefore, Plinko strategy relates to sensible bankroll management and choosing the right game.

It can be tempting to play the game on the most demanding settings for the chance to win a huge prize. But often, it’s better to play lower-risk games and enjoy smaller, more frequent wins.

And make sure you set win and loss limits. This means having a number in mind that you want to win and stop if you hit that number. Your luck can’t go on forever, so it’s better to take the winnings and come back and play another day.

Similarly, ensure you don’t bet more than you set out to. Players can suffer poor runs on Plinko as with other casino games, and it’s always better to cut your losses and chance your luck another day rather than just chase losses.

Plinko RTP

Like other popular crypto games such as Dice and Crash, Plinko typically has a return-to-player (RTP) of 99%. This means the house edge is just 1%, lower than pretty much any other casino game. For comparison, regular European roulette has a house edge of 2.75%.

RTP values give you an estimation of how much money you would likely win if you played the game. For every $100 you wager on Plinko, you could expect to win $99 back. Of course, players can win more or less than this. It all depends on how lucky you are.

Plinko Conclusions

It’s easy to see why Plinko has become just a popular game. It’s simple to play with an easy-to-understand mechanic.

New thrills are available every round, with no game the same. Add in the fact that huge wins are possible, and you can play for very low stakes, and it’s clear why it’s such a fan favourite among crypto casino players. Plinko is available at all top crypto casinos.

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