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How to Make DIY Vertical Blinds at Home?

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the unique modern-day window designs that cover your windows and doors. Their sharp look provides charm and elegance to any space while contributing several benefits. From obstructing direct sunlight to allowing privacy, these blinds serve an essential purpose in your room decor.

In order to instate these blinds, all you’ve to do is measure the windows precisely and place an online order. However, if you love to craft your things, then you’re at the right place.

Making DIY vertical blinds is an easy task. It’ll not only make you happy, but the beautiful outcome will provide you with gratification and peace of mind.

Here are the steps to help you make your wood palette and vertical fabric blinds. Brace yourself!

Steps Involved in Making DIY Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds can create an illusion of uniformity and class when built and installed appropriately.

Convert your favorite fabric into stunning blinds in the following ways.

Step 1

Measure the width and height of the slats keeping in mind the size of your desired blinds. You’ll be purchasing your preferred fabric based on these measurements, so ensure accuracy.

To avoid a fabric shortage, add three inches to width and height before purchasing.

Step 2

As the next step, buy your favorite fabric from a local store or order it online. Nevertheless, before purchasing a material, imagine how it’ll look on the blinds and your window.

Based on your requirements, go for a fabric that’ll compliment your current décor style. Additionally, it would help to incline towards lightweight materials like polyester because they’re easy to work with and fade-resistant.

Step 3

Pull the existing blinds down from the windows and spread them on a flat surface. Consequently, pull the slats out and clean the dust off each.

Outline the slat on paper with a marker. Now, you’ve to cut the fabric with a pair of scissors according to the layout.

Step 4

Stick the fabric cut-out to the naked blind with a pressure-sensitive vertical backing material. After that, use the scissor to cut off the adherent part depending on the slat measurements.

Step 5

You’ve to remove the protective covering of the adherent and wrap the sides of the slats.

Placing the fabric on the slat and ensuring its alignment should be your next step. Use your palms and fingers to press on the material meticulously and ensure there are no bubbles.

Step 6

The final step is to situate the slats into a rod or track and swing them on your window. Moreover, you can obtain premade tracks to simplify the procedure or curate your own using rings and clips on a steel rod.

Now that you know the steps for making DIY vertical blinds from fabric, let’s jump onto the wooden counterparts.

Making DIY Wooden Palette Vertical Blinds

If you want to give your decor an eco-friendly renovation, you should turn to these vertical blinds.

The steps involved in making wooden palette vertical blinds are as follows:

  • Setup a top plate connector in your window frame and put the channel piece into the ring hangars.
  • In measure to receive the wood length, measure from the conduit till the window sill.
  • Cut the wood and create holes at the center, top, and bottom with a drill machine. Then, place the rings through the holes.
  • Hang the pieces of wood on the conduit, and you’ll be ready to go!


Creating things is exceptionally magical, primarily making DIY vertical blinds for your own space. Furthermore, it helps you save the installation and delivery costs. It’s advisable to use a premium quality material because of its longevity.

If your house needs a sprinkle of homeliness, grace it with the pleasure of these handmade vertical blinds.




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