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How to Make an Eye-Catching Promo Video?

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In recent times, videos have made their strong base in the world of digital marketing. It has been emerging as a reliable and powerful promotional tool for every business that wants to increase its brand awareness in an engaging and exciting method. When it comes to video marketing, there are some mandatory rules that you cannot forget and have to stick to strictly so that you can get a sexy video. By chance, if you fail to follow this rule and make a promotional video, it can become a big reason for the loss in your business.

Making a video may seem easy, but making an eye-catching promo video can be challenging.

If you are getting to the field of video marketing, then there is no doubt that you want to make a video that can grab the attention of the targeted audience. To be in the safe zone, the more promo video can catch viewers’ eyes, the more productive it will be. Don’t forget that an enticing video can only be made with proper planning and thoughts. Many people make videos today, thanks to promo video templates which have made the video-making process easier.

Let us explore the most important tips that can help you make an eye-catchy promo video. Keep reading to learn more.

Tips to make an eye-catching promo video for brand awareness:

  1. Think about what makes a customer go ‘Wow!’

While making a video, the first thing that you should keep in priority is your targeted audience. Your video needs to be made to catch the attention within a few seconds of their view. This can only be possible when the video is made considering the viewer’s perspective.

The first rule of video marketing is that you have to understand the preference of the customer. If you make something out of context from the customer audience, they may avoid watching your video. You have to feel the emotion and step into their brain. In simple words, before making the video, put yourself into their shoes to get an idea about what can be the ways you might want to follow to make a video more attractive and engaging to your targeted audience. Once you know what the pointers are, you can jump into the next step. However, the perspective of the customer must be given maximum priority.

2. Try to reveal a story

There is hardly any person who doesn’t love watching stories. You may want to try avoiding being overtly smart to grab the customer’s attention. You have to make a video that can describe a story in a short span. It is necessary for businesses to make effective use of the expressive power of the video by tempting the requirements and desires of the customer.

3. Focus on the introduction

To make a catchy eye video, you have to make an enticing introduction that will have the power to stand out. If we don’t like the subject line of the video, there is a high chance that we won’t click on the email. Similarly, around 1/5th of people skip watching the video if they don’t like the video’s introduction. Keeping this fact in mind, you have to make sure that the first five seconds of the video are unique. The introduction of the video is a very crucial portion of the entire video. You can use promo video templates to embellish it better more, making the opening entertaining, informative, and inspiring, which will keep your audience hooked till the end of the video.

4. Give a stimulating title

Just like the introduction, the title plays a powerful role in grabbing people’s attention. Your audience has multiple video options, but what will make them think they will stick to watching your video? The title comes into the scene here.

When the audience notices an interesting and eye-catchy title, they will automatically click on the video link to watch it. You can use some relevant keywords in the title that can make the video pop up in the result of the search engine whenever CX searches for the topic pertinent to the keyword.

5. Don’t make the video boring

No one likes watching a boring video. If you want your business marketing video to be successful, make the video exciting and inspiring with fresh content that can make people watch it again and again without getting bored.

6. Concentrate on what’s missing 

Don’t make a video for selling your product or services. Try to focus on the benefit or mission of the product. You can create an emotional video that can describe your goal or task.

7. Make the video short and crispy

No one wants to watch a long video because who has that kind of time? They prefer skipping past long videos. In some cases, they might begin watching the video, but they will not end up finishing it. However, if you keep the video short and crispy, people will not skip the video and watch the videos till the end.

8. SEO is must 

There is no doubt that Google loves video content. Hence, to make compelling video marketing content, you have to make sure that you keep SEO in mind. To ensure the maximum number of reach, Search Engine Optimisation is the key. SEO enhances the value of the Video. For the description or any written content, including keywords is a must. This will strengthen the reach of your video organically.

Wrapping up

Video marketing has a unique effect on the audience. Whether it is an informative video or an entertaining video, it has always helped people know more about the brand. But making a video is not easy. Follow some of the tips mentioned above and create a video that lures the audience into engaging more with your content and, consequently, with your brand.

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