How to Make a Cool Turban for a Chemo Patient?

How to Make a Cool Turban for a Chemo Patient?

Turbans for chemo patients isn’t a new concept. While the traditional turban might have altered to more modernistic forms of covering your head, the logic behind it remains the same.

You can make turbans for hair loss at home. Yes, you heard it right. There are multiple ways to build that perfect turban yourself, and this blog is here to help.

Read on as this blog decodes the step-by-step instructions to sew the perfect head covering turban.


There are multiple cancer centres as well as clinics that accept turbans for hair loss for their patients. Here are some of the steps to find the best turban for you or sale.

  1. Take a piece of knit fabric – 24 inches x 13 inches. Keep in mind that the stretch should be on the 24-inch length when you cut it.
  2. Firstly, cut one 4 inches x 13 inches strip from the first piece. You will use this as the tab for the turban’s front.
  3. Next up, fold the rest of the cloth – 20 inches x 13 inches piece of fabric in a right fold. That is 10 inches x 13 inches.
  4. Once you finish cutting and folding the piece of cloth, here comes the next step. You will have to machine stitch & seam the fabric through a rounding seam, eventually forming a crown. It’s best to leave a 1-inch opening, specifically for the inserting tab.
  5. You must form a 2-inch hem now and stitch it against the place with a zigzag stitch.
  6. You can also use a double thread in the needle. With the basting stitches about a quarter inch in length, you can stitch on both sides of the seam. This stitch is on both sides of the seam. Mainly from the hem’s base extending to the beginning of the hole for the tab
  7. The next step is to secure the thread using many knots at the bottom. Post this; you should collect fabric on the side of the basting stitch through the process of pulling on these threads. By doing so, you will form several gentle folds on the turban.
  8. You must ensure to secure these threads on the top through many knots.
  9. Take the smaller 4 inches x 13 inches strip and stitch it along the 13 inches side. Doing this will create the tab that we mentioned earlier.
  10. Lastly, insert this tab via the opening and finally on the hem. It would help if you tried to make a tab to hold these folds in one place on the inner side of the turban.
  11. Towards the end, you can remove or cut off any of the extra lengths of this tab. This step should be before you plan to stitch the ends together.
  12. And there you go, your turban made at the comfort of your home.

Wrap Up

The biggest pro about creating your turban for hair loss is that it is custom-made according to you. The colour, the design, and the fabric will be what you crave and what makes you feel better.

For a pro tip: you can also dye a variety of animations or objects on the fabric to bring out a more fun side to your turban.





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