Simple Living: How to Lead a Simple and Fulfilling Life

How to Lead a Simple and Fulfilling Life

In today’s world, tons of new devices and luxurious have been released to, in theory, make our lives easier. And even though that may be the case sometimes, most of the time, it complicates our lives and leads to more stress. That’s why the idea of living a simple life is becoming more and more attractive to people.

It’s challenging to live a simple life in a modern world, especially if you currently live in a big city. Yet, in this article, you’ll learn about the few changes you can make to your lifestyle that’ll contribute to simple living.

Simplify Your Phone

How awesome would it be to travel back in time to the days where no cellphones were needed? Unfortunately, you live in a world where you must have a cellphone—for your job, for your friends, for your family, or for any emergencies you may encounter.

But, instead of investing in a smartphone with unlimited data, calls, and texts, opt for a basic cellphone, one that allows you to make the necessary calls. There are still tons of plans available that make it possible for you to get a basic phone and unlimited calls. Plus, it’ll be so much easier to afford.

Get Rid of Cable

People can spend over $100 a month on television or cable. A lot of plans include having access to 500+ channels when people only watch about 10 channels. So, cut cable and look for other ways to watch televisions, such as through a streaming service or using over-the-air stations that are free. Cutting out cable will also give you the chance to find other types of entertainment, such as reading or socializing.

No More Credit Cards

Credit cards can be life-savers at times. If you desperately need or want to purchase something you can’t afford, credit cards help you pay for it instantly. Then, you pay it back at the pace you want.

However, despite how convenient they may be, they can become a burden for many people. Being in debt is a huge stress trigger, and avoiding debt is always a better solution. So, instead of using your credit card next time, focus on purchasing what you can afford.

Because credit cards are tempting to use, the best way you can avoid using them at all is by canceling them. The fewer debts you have, the easier it’ll be to enjoy living a simple life.

Reduce Monthly Expenses

Monthly expenses include internet service, gym memberships, debts, and other services that you might not even be using. If you want to live a simple lifestyle, reducing your monthly expenses will help you do so.

For example, if you’re paying for a gym membership every month, you can replace training at the gym with training outdoors at a local park. Or, if you’re spending a lot on energy bills, try going solar. You can have solar panels installed to help you save money and energy, such as the ones that Blue Raven Solar has to offer.

Simple Living is Better Living

Learning all about simple living can help you gain a more peaceful life. Making these changes is not easy, but they’ll come naturally to you once you start putting them into practice.

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