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Snapchat Score

How can you increase your snap score? Snapchat users must know what a snap score means. Snap score is an arbitrary number that grows with the number you send snaps. This score has no purpose other than to show how active a person is on Snapchat. A higher snap score means that the user uses Snapchat a lot and sends a lot of snaps to friends.

Tap on the profile icon in Snapchat to view your current snap scores.

How to Increase Snapchat Scores Faster

Snapchat Score

These tricks will help you increase your snap score quickly.

1. As we have already mentioned, every snap that you send increases your snap score by one point. You should therefore start sending more snaps.

2. Sending your snaps to more friends will earn you extra points. You will get more snaps if you send them to more people. Also, you’ll earn points for opening each one.

3. You can increase your snap score by reading all of the unread snaps.

4. You can send snaps to friends and also add the same photo to your story.

5. Add more friends to Snapchat. This will allow you to send and receive snaps from a wider range of people.

Snap Score Hack Apps

Snap Score Hack Apps

It will take you a lot of effort and time to achieve a high snap score if you use the above methods. A hack can help you increase your snap score dramatically.

Snapchat Plus Plus can be used in place of Snapchat to quickly increase your snap score. These are the steps required to complete this method.

Snap Score Hack Apps

Step 1: Uninstall the official Snapchat app from your device.

Step 2- Now, launch a web browser and go to this ‘’ link. Install AppValley on your phone.

Step 3: Launch the application and choose the middle tab. Click on the Hacked Apps section and choose Snapchat Plus Plus.

Step 4: Once Snapchat Plus Plus Plus has been installed on your device launch it and log in with your Snapchat login credentials.

We have now installed Snapchat Plus Plus. Let’s see how we can use it to improve our snap score.

Snapchat Plus Plus Plus allows you to create a “Group” and add many celebrities or influencers. You can then start sharing snaps to this group. It will send the snaps to all members of the group, and you’ll get a point for each one.

Snapchat’s official version only grants you one point even if you send snaps out to multiple people in a group. Snapchat Plus Plus allows you to send snaps multiple times, increasing your snap score.



Q1. Q1. Does taking photos of yourself to increase your score?

You can send yourself snaps to earn points without irritating friends by sending them multiple photos. You do not earn points for opening your own photos.

Q2. Q2. Does anyone know how to check your Snapchat score?

It does not mean that they will know you checked their snap score. You can only let them know if they check their stories or take screenshots.

Q3. Q3. Can Snapchat scores increase or decrease by themselves?

The snap scores don’t increase by themselves. To increase your snap score, you must send and receive photos. You can also use the hack above to quickly increase your snap score.


This is everything you need to know about Snap Score, and how you can improve it. Snap score hack is another way to increase your snap score quickly and without much effort. Snapchat may ban you if you use the snap score hack to increase your snap scores.

We would love to hear from you if there are any other ways to increase your snap score.

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