How to find Dropshipping Retailers in the US?

Drop shipping

Though the execution of dropshipping business model does not need much, it is important to know what kind of supplier one is going for. A good supplier should be able to collect and manage high-quality products of different categories and ship them to the customer ends as soon as possible. The retailer needs to make sure he finds one as reliable as that, otherwise, he is stuck with swindlers or sloppy ones.

What is dropshipping?

A dropshipping business model has completely changed the game of how e-commerce is carried out. In this process, the retailer does not need to keep stock of the products. Rather he accepts customers’ orders of the stock, passes on all the information to the supplier to have it delivered to customers’ ends, and enjoys the profit in between. The retailer needs only to focus on attracting customers and finding a reliable dropshipping supplier.

What to look for in a supplier?

A dropshipping supplier has several disadvantages. The shipping process might turn out to be expensive. There must be a dropshipping supplier that can offer some kind of benefits to justify the higher price.

  • Product quality.

Along with labor, materials, and other factors that contribute to it, the product’s quality also contributes to the cost of dropshipping business. The benefit of that is that retailers can charge customers higher prices. Since the quality of the product matters to customers, they are willing to pay for it.

  • Made in the US?

If the products have ‘made in US’ or ‘American-made’ stamps on them, then those are fast-selling ones because customers prefer them.

  • ETA of shipping.

That is one of the weakest points of the dropshipping model business. It might take days, or weeks for customers to get their package, and that alone can make customers extremely dissatisfied with the experience of shopping with the same retailer. Therefore, to keep the customer satisfied and earn their loyalty to one’s retail business, shipping should take only 1-3 days to reach the customer’s ends.

  • Shipping option.

Courier service providers have options for shipping like next-day delivery, second-day, or third-day. There is also same-day delivery, which of course comes with a higher price. But still, this gives the customer the option to choose how urgently they want their packages delivered.

  • Tracking system.

Customers would feel more comfortable if they were able to track their packages. There are plenty of courier companies in the US that have a reliable tracking system that can be shared with the customer.

  • Product Return.

Customers also expect an option for returning the product, so this process also needs to go smoothly as the one from supplier to customer end. Returns will be much easier to handle since the warehouse is in the same country as the customer. A dropshipping supplier must have a return policy to make it easier for customers to return packages.

  • Customer Support.

A good dropshipping retailer should also have reliable customer support so that concerns about the product and shipping can be dealt with. Many suppliers in the US have detailed information about each product, whether it is in stock, return policy, etc.

What are some of the good dropshipping suppliers in the US?

A few dropshipping suppliers are given below, ranked in no particular order:

  • An online marketplace that connects retailers to hundreds of suppliers in the US and Europe, Canada, Brazil, etc. Retailers can stay up to date about any of the products available in the suppliers’ online inventory, and reach out to their customer support that is available 24/7.
  • Sunrise Wholesale has been working on the dropshipping business on the side since 1999, and the reputation of the company that has been working in dropshipping for years speaks for itself. They have an automation system on their websites that will link retailers to the required supplier. Along with that, they have 20 categories of products for a retailer to choose from, like electronics, kitchen materials, home décor, jewelry, bath and body, etc.
  • This is a supplier integration system that gives retailers to choose from more than one million dropship products and then sell them to customers on eBay, Amazon, etc., although there is a limit of 10,000 products per account. Retailers don’t need to keep updating their data feed, rather it will be done automatically by the website.
  • Inventory Source has a 180+ integrated supplier network, where retailers can connect with any and choose from a number of products. The retailer’s site will automatically update to show the products according to his choosing. Retailers can reach out to the supplier and will be paid 100% of the profits from their sales.

Apart from the ones given above, the US market has some of the best dropshipping suppliers. The items from the US dropshipping might seem a bit too expensive as compared to the other markets, but they definitely make up for the delivery, product costs, and other services. All you need to make sure is that you have good working internet. If you need recommendations, you should try Xfinity internet. You do not need a very fast internet speed, just enough for browsing through the dropshipping website and keeping up to date with your supplier. Try Xfinity double play prices for other options of internet service.

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