How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun

Tattoo Gun

Tattoos are symbolic ways to express your feelings as a fashion and stylish enthusiast. Tattooing involves a lot of creativity and skills. Due to the cost of owning a tattoo gun, you need to know how to make a simple prison tattoo gun.

It is vital to note that you should taste synthetic skin rather than using real skin or human skin if you make a tattoo gun at home. Tattoo damages can be quite painful and extremely dangerous so take care. Read on this guide to make and assemble a simple tattoo gun at home.

Create the Components

Below is a simple guide on customizing the components that you can use to assemble your tattoo gun.

#1. Motor

You might use any motor, but an electric motor of about 12 to 18 volts would be the best. Ensure that the motor center has a protruding shaft. Using glue attach a four holes button to the shaft; this is where you will attach the needle.

#2. The Tube

The tube is purposely meant to guide the needle. A pen or a pencil tube will be the best and ideal for the job. The length of the pencil or pen should be about 4 inches. Ensure that you will make a passage for the needle via the tube you created.

#3. Brace Designing

Using a spoon customize a brace that will support the tube attached to the motor.

#4. Create a Needle

You can use any appropriate material, but a guitar string works best for this purpose. About one inch, the string should be enough to run from the tip of the tube to the center of the motor. Ensure you sterilize the needles by boiling them in hot water or using methylated spirit. Use simple sterilization procedures to ensure that the needles don’t have germs or infections that affect the tattooed area.

Assembling the Gun

#1. Tube-Brace Attaching

In this step, you must attach the tube to the brace. If you are using a pencil as a tube, you should remove the pencil eraser. Using the end of the shorter spoon, ensure you line up the pencil or tube towards the bent point of the spoon.

Ensure that the tube lies perfectly on the plane of the brace to work effectively. Bind the tube using tape to avoid wiggling or wobbling during the tattooing process.

#2. Brace-Motor attaching

Now that you have already attached the tube to the brace, it is time you attach the motor to the brace. Ensure that the button is well centered on the shaft.

#3. Need Insertion

In this step, you will need to insert the needle. Before you do that, you need to place the thread of the guitar through the tube off the pencil tip. Make a hook at the tip of the needle by pending the guitar string at an angle of ninety degrees.

#4. Needle- Motor Attaching

Using the hook you created earlier using the guitar string, you set the needle to the buttonholes. The button enhances the movement of the needle in and out upon spinning. You can trim the needle if necessary or if you wish.

#5. Power Source Connection

You can opt to use an adapter with a plug-in capability or use any charger adapter of about 5V. Split the power supply wires and connect them to the motor.

At this point, you can make a small switch to control when you break off from tattooing and when you proceed.

Note that you need to discard items like needles as they are only meant to be for single use only after using items like needles.





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