How Modern Technology Has Brought Revolution In Telemedicine


Technological innovation has influenced all the fields of life. All the business sectors and service providers are making use of technological solutions to serve the people.

Telemedicine has become a major trend during the Covid-19 situation. FCP medical family physicians are using telecommunication technologies for treating patients at a distance. Following is an explanation of how technology has brought a revolution in telemedicine.

Electronic Health Record

Modern technology has helped a lot for the well-being of patients. We know that for treating patients correctly, doctors have to know about their previous medical history. They should know about their blood pressures, blood glucose levels, liver functions, urinary conditions, and other important information.

Also have to know what medical procedures the patient has gone through. They should know about the allergic medicines for a patient and medication he has taken before.

Electronic health record (EHR) maintains this type of data of all the patients. All the doctors can have access to this data and see the history of any patient sitting in front of them.

This system has brought a major revolution in the field of telemedicine because physicians can see the previous medical history of the patient. They can easily understand the medical condition of a patient asking for remote treatment. EHR is very important for telemedicine.

Remote Monitoring Tools

Technology and science have produced numerous innovative gadgets. They have changed the way of providing services to humans. It has also influenced telemedicine by devising remote monitoring devices.

We know that during telemedicine, clinicians and patients are away from each other. Doctors can’t reach patients physically. In this situation, they may need remote monitoring tools. Many remote monitoring tools have come into the market. Patients can use them for monitoring their health at home.

According to a study, millions of patients are monitoring their health by using remote tools. For example, the pacemaker is one of the important monitoring tools used for patients with heart disease. It automatically sends data to remote health centers. These tools can easily help to monitor the health of systems remotely. They don’t have to visit doctors regularly for a check-up. These tools are highly helpful in telemedicine.

Wearable Technology 

Modern technology has revolutionized the way of medical care. Many devices have come into the market that patients can wear and monitor their health. It has set them free from visiting clinics regularly. You should know that the market for wearable medical devices is growing rapidly. It has introduced many innovative devices in the market.

For example, wristwatches and wristbands are playing important roles in the healthcare of patients. These devices can collect and send the data to doctors. It is equally helpful for doctors and patients. It helps to assess the health conditions of the wearer.

These devices also keep authorities aware of serious medical issues. According to a report by Huffington Post, more than 130 million devices were sent to consumers in 2018. We can say that wearable technology is also playing an important role in telemedicine.

Telecommunication Technology 

One of the most important things to facilitate telemedicine is telecommunication technology. Do you know about telecommunication technology? It is all the devices and tools that help the patients to contact doctors and discuss their medical issues. An online doctor can use telecommunication devices for listening to patients.

There are many devices that can play an important part in the communication between doctors and patients. Some doctors make use of mobile phones and listen to their patients via telephone calls. They ask for all the data of the patient and find his medical history by accessing electronic health records.

Other communication channels may include WhatsApp, Skype, text messages, and email. These different means of communication have influenced telemedicine greatly.

They have made communication easy, and nowadays, there may be video calling. Patients can discuss their matters easily, and doctors can monitor their health by seeing them through videos.

Digital Health Apps

Application development is one of the big advancements in different fields. Almost all businesses and brands have developed relevant apps to facilitate their business matters. Similarly, many health apps have come into the market.

They are helping physicians and patients equally. These apps have helped to monitor health changes or behavior changes in patients over time. Many health apps facilitate the use of smart gadgets for keeping the history of a wider range of health parameters.

There is a variety of apps that perform different functions. They can act like trackers and help the patients to manage their medical conditions.

According to studies, it has been seen that these apps have a positive impact on diet monitoring, chronic condition management, physical activity, and other medical conditions. They can help to monitor Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, and inflammatory arthritis. Hence, these apps have also impacted telemedicine positively.

Patient-Clinician Relationship 

It is an important fact that the patient-clinician relationship is vital in the field of healthcare. Only those clinicians can perform well who have close contact with their patients. They should have access to the medical history of patients. You should know that modern technology has helped to reduce the gap between patients and doctors.

They can communicate easily via different telecommunication devices. They can exchange important medical data via wearable devices or health apps.

Doctors can access medical history through electronic health records. All these factors have improved the patient-clinician relationship. This improved relationship has helped to revolutionize telemedicine.

We have described different ways by which modern technology has helped to improve telemedicine. Electronic health records, medical wearable devices, and health apps have impacted telemedicine positively.

They have helped a lot of FCP medical experts to treat patients at a distance. Hence, modern technology has made telemedicine more important than before.



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