How Can Inaccurate Local Listings Affect Your Business?

How Can Inaccurate Local Listings Affect Your Business?

When visitors use Google to search for goods and services, 46% of searches are for something local. In other terms, such clients are looking for local businesses. As a local business owner, you’re frequently the sales team, marketing team, and customer service team all rolled into one. You don’t want your time and effort to go to waste, which is why it’s critical to have accurate company directory listings.

One of the most effective ways to help clients find your business is to submit your data to online local listing directories such as Google, Yelp, Yext, and many others. These entries offer valuable data about your business, such as how clients may approach you and where they can locate you.

However, if the data you provide in these directories is inaccurate or unclear, it can affect your business and the internet presence. Inaccurate directory listings can do irreversible damage to your business, and no matter how tirelessly you try, all other attempts to attract clients will fail. Yes, even the slightest error can drive your company’s listing to the bottom of a search. To avoid this from happening, you should hire the best local SEO services New York.

Here are a few of the most common problems that incorrect local listings can cause if you aren’t hiring professional services:

Low Ranking in Local Search Results:

In the last few years, Google has noticed a rise in local searches. When customers search for services and add “near me” in the query, the results frequently contain a list of three to five local businesses, as well as a map pinpointing their location. While there are several local search engine ranking criteria that can influence when or where your business appears in search results, accurate and reliable local business listings are one of the most important.

Your business is less likely to appear in local search results if it has a missing phone number, an improper location, or any other false data, that can affect your overall visibility on the internet and make it more challenging to engage with new clients.

Having Fewer Interactions with Your Company:

An inaccurate or absent phone number can be disastrous for companies that rely largely on phone calls to attract new clients. 24% of clients will call a company before going in, which implies you could be losing out on new business simply because you don’t have a suitable phone number.

The same can be said about making your website’s URL easier to find. Before making a purchase, nearly 97 per cent of customers look up a company’s website. You might be leaving yourself out of competition for new business among the great majority of customers if you don’t have a website for your small business or just neglect to enter your URL in the online local directory.

Increase in Negative Business Reviews:

With 88% of buyers believing online reviews as much as personal advice, your small business will benefit from positive online evaluations. However, if your business listings contain missing or false info, it may harm your rating.

Let’s imagine a consumer comes to your shop and checks up your location in your local listings, only to discover that it is incorrect. Then they call your company to get the exact address, only to discover that your phone number is either absent or unreachable. That customer may become upset enough to write a negative review of your company, which can negatively damage your exposure in local web directories.

Competitors Gets Ahead of You:

If your company’s data is incorrect but your competitors’ is not, you can estimate where the customer will go. In today’s environment of quick satisfaction, customers are unlikely to wait for you. Your business data must be correct, and your customers must be able to locate you, or your competitors will most likely profit from it.

It can be difficult to catch up without spending a great deal of effort after opponents have gone too far ahead.

Final Words

You make things easier for local customers to locate you and do contact with you by ensuring that your business’ data is correct and clear in your local listings across the major business directories online. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on and maintain your local business listings regularly—you’ll be able to identify any mistakes or misinformation before it prevents you from interacting with prospective clients.

Having said that, doing it on your own can prove to be quite difficult. This is why it is important that you rely on professionals. And for this, you can contact Map-it Inc. It is one of the leading digital marketing firms in New York that specializes in local SEO services.


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