Honor Band 4: The Best Physical Fitness Tracker for you


Honor physical fitness bands run to pass ignored by a lot of people, just like a few Honor cell phones. All the same, the brand’s running band is a bang-up way to get additional features for little money than you would pay up for, state, a Fitbit.

The Honor Band 4 is the most forward-looking physical fitness tracker from Honor yet. Spotlights include a brilliant and cheerful OLED screen, practical battery life, and a graceful design.

It can take in all sorts of alerts from your cell phone, which is bang-up. But dealing with WhatsApp texts. On the other hand, so do a lot of trackers.

There is as well a characteristic of utility as a runner’s trainer, which practices your phone’s position tracking to map out your runs.

At almost $59.99 (£59.99, approximately AU$85), the Honor Band 4 is practical value for those later a low upkeep wearable that can do more than a typical tracker.


  • 3 color selections
  • Glass-topped display screen
  • 5ATM water resistor

The Honor Band 4 is a thin and light physical fitness band. An entire display stands for it is not relatively as small as the Fitbit Flex 2. We believe it looks more advanced than its most savage budget physical fitness tracker competitor, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

In that respect, none around parts get off over their efforts at a cutesy appearance. Its lineages are sharp and arced in the right places, and the band’s heaviness is rough, as is as the Fitbit Charge 3’s, at about 11.5mm.


  • 95-inc 240 x 120 screen display
  • OLED panel with the entire color
  • Sharp and brilliant

A color display screen is an essential upgrade across the Honor Band 3. The Honor Band 3 accepted a 0.91-inch 128 x 32 colorful OLED. This tracker has a 0.95-inch display screen with a distant sharper resolution of 240 x 120 pixels.

The built-in watch face does not exhibitionist this color and advanced pixel compactness that entire well. But change to the aspect that uses a few 3-D shaded graphics, and you bring in this is a bang-up little screen display for a low-cost tracker. There are just 3 faces; each has a discrete personality. A hardened glass pane broods this screen with ‘2.5D’ arced edges.

The Honor Band 4’s display screen is not ‘all of the time on.’ A few OLED wearables utilize these boards’ emissive pixels to display a moderate clock presentation 24/7. Here you bend your wrist joint to your face or bug the screen to advertise the show. It acts pretty well, as the screen illumes in less than one-half a second when you execute so.

The brightness level is the actual win here, although. The Honor Band 4 is acquitted in the shiny sun at its higher brightness level settings.

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